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New features in the process of being created

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As things stand, an end of match report will be able to include:

Coaches and Chariman
Individual Player Stats for the game 
Overall Match Stats
Main events
Video Highlights

Just a little bit more data than we currently get and show.

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I have now completed storing the data to the server, now its time to build the app within the forum software for individual teams. 

So I have created the application on the development site and created the first hourly task which stores the team data info to the forum database. This lists each team by id and name, and gives the current season and competition ID's.


I have created the first 2 settings for the application (enabled, teamID).


The team ID is important so that the site knows which data to grab, in this case, Luton Town being ID 416. Next step is to create the tasks to grab the league tables data for Luton, which is comp_id = 32 and season_id = 734 (the comp and season info is grabbed from the teamdata table shown above)

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Just a slight update, have been working hard on the back end of the application and re-writing a lot of the code so that it takes away 1 of the steps I had originally created to help speed things up in the whole process.

Originally it was set up so that a dummy site would grab all the data from the provider, and then each individual site would grab the data from the dummy sites database. This meant it limited the calls made to the providers server as we are limited to 1000 calls per hour for each data stream.

Now we have cut out the need for the dummy site (for the majority of the data) so now each individual site will be calling the data directly from the provider, all this has been setup to keep the calls under 1,000 per hour. So if we were to have 92 teams, I could make 1 call every 6 minutes for Player data, and still come under the limit in place. 

There will still be need for the dummy server to store data such as livescores, as if we ever do get to the 92 individual sites, we would be limited to 6 minute calls (92 calls every 6 minutes = 920 per hour) - so by using the dummy site for things such as livescores, we can get updates every minute. As it would only be 1 call every 1 minute, so a total of 60 calls an hour. Each site would then be able to call on the dummy site every minute, resulting in 5,520 calls per hour. We could however look at increasing our allowed limit by expanding our custom plan with the provider, but as things stand ther seems little point.

So the back end is basically everything needed to run the application in the Admin Panel, things such as settings, tasks and so on. It is quite complex, as there is not only information to grab for individual teams, such as squad lists, match stats, commentaries, events and videos, but also data to grab for all teams, tables, matches, and so on. There are then settings for the livescores, and what data we want it to grab, there is a hell of a lot going on and a lot of data being grabbed. So we have to look carefully at what data is grabbed for all teams and what is only limited to the teams forum.

As things stand we cannot get all data for all teams for each site, there is just far too much data to send across, on our dummy site that is currently set up, we have over 120,000 commentaries, 30,000 events, 80,000 match lineups (1 for each player in a lineup, so for first 11 and subs for each team, you get 36 records), 3,500 matches, 8,000 players, 2,000 videos, and the way its currently grabbing data would just require it to check through it all, and it results in tasks timing out. So we are only grabbing certain data that are about that team, in this case any thing that is relevant to Luton, is stored.

So here is a glimpse at the Admin Panel and how its progressing.

I have completed the players task and the matches task. I am soon to make a start on the head 2 head, although not sure exactly how this one will work yet, or if I can get it to work as I need it too.

There is also an update coming from the provider shortly, which is looking at adding new data streams and also better data.


So, what can you expect from Soccer API 2.0: Soccer API 2.0 is a lot richer then the current v1.2. we are happy with the way how 1.2 is currently working but we also know that things like team handling can be improved. API 2.0 will add the following extras:

  1. better team handling
  2. details on transfers and sidelines players
  3. player statistics
  4. historical data for more then 10 years.
  5. faster livescores
  6. more leagues
  7. in play odds
  8. missing odd types will return like correct score, over/under etc
  9. better handling of rescheduled matches
  10. a lot more.

But that itself, is another hurdle, as it will require the rewriting of code to allow for the new/updated data to carry on being stored correctly, but most of the hard work is done, any update will just require tweaks.

A list of data currently being stored by the application:

  • Commentaries (individual team only for the time being)
  • Competitions
  • Events (individual team only for the time being)
  • Line Ups (individual team only for the time being)
  • Matches (individual team only for the time being - but looking to include for all teams)
  • Players (individual team only for the time being)
  • Seasons (can look at storing historical data with this in the future)
  • Stats (individual team only for the time being)
  • Teams
  • Venues
  • Videos (match highlight videos, if available)

Data streams left to work on:

  • Head 2 Head (individual team only for the time being)
  • Live Scores (this is still something I have to look into what data to store, could include events, line ups, stats and videos)
  • Standings
  • Top Scorers
  • Weather

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Having completed grabbing the data for the application, I have made a start on the front end that you guys will get to see.

First up is the replacement for the league tables. currently when you go to the Tables from the main menu, you are given the league table for your team, in this case, the League Two table. The new application being built will give you all league tables that are present in the package we have with our data provider. Here is a short video to show you how it looks so far.


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A small update to the league tables, they now include position movement.


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With the development of the new football centre application for the site progressing, I have made some changes to how it will look to you guys to help make using it easier. To allow for this to happen the current theme is not going to work due to the limitations on the top menu bar. So we are going back to a design that we used on the old Sports262 site, with a side menu bar. This allows the menu to house more links that are going to be required for the new features. I also feel the new theme looks far better than the current, which is a look I haven't much liked due to it being the basic theme that comes with the software and just having a few colours changed.


Please note the menu shown in the screenshot will be changed to better suit the needs of the site, rather than a lot of the more useless links currently shown.

 The new theme will also come with a background picker which provides you with a choice of up to 6 background pictures to choose from.


All pictures will be football related, just have to purchase the rights to use them, that will all be done before the release of the new features and theme.

On the current site, we provide simple additions such as the league table for your team, fixtures/results for your team and form guide. The new features will provide far more data, it will cover data for Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two, Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup, League Cup, League Trophy. If available each competition will show tables, fixtures/results, list of teams (linked to individual team pages), top scorers, video highlights.

Here is the design for the competition page, no data is currently being shown as that is being worked on, but the design is there for the menu system for each competition.


I have also had to re-write a fair bit of the code to work with the new design ideas, so far have got the competition, country, seasons, rounds, stages, teams, venues, players and standings data ready to start work on the designs for those pages.

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Been pretty busy today, started out by realising the setup I had shown above wasn't going to work, so had to reorganise the menu system for the competition.After a few hours playing around with new ideas and figuring out the code needed, the menu was ready.

I then made a start on the Teams List for each competition. 


Where the data is available from our provider, each team includes the club logo, the clubs stadium, coach, chairman and twitter account details.

This will also link to the individual team information pages once they are complete too.

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The tables have been done for the new layout:



 and here is how it looks on different devices. (click to enlarge)


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The data is available, however as of yet I am unsure of how to go about getting them fit in. I could do separate tables for home and away. But home/away wouldn't include the recent form.

Looking at it, I could ift it in for viewing on the full screen version, but the data would be hidden on smaller screens as they just wouldn't fit.

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Could the form have a separate page, as is on site now.  There wouldn't really be the need to have he form on the same page as the tables then.  The way the form is displayed on here atm looks good and is very informative with the last 6 results displayed within it.

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The data comes in differently with this new provider. So am not sure its possible without a hell of a lot of work, as the form is part of the tables data, rather than the current provider, which provides separate form data.

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Have made a start on the competitions fixtures/results pages.


It is still a bit primitive right now, but the first step is to set up the code to:

  1. Grab all the relevant matches for a competition (depending on fixtures or results) - DONE
  2. Order matches by Month and Date - DONE
  3. Get the front end to check if there are matches for each month and day, if so, they can then be shown - DONE
  4. Show the matches along with any info we think should be shown, such as score, status etc. - IN PROGRESS
  5. Create the design and layout of the page (the fiddly stuff)

The screenshot is that of the fixtures screen, so it shows all future fixtures, including matches being played that day.

Up to now we have got to the first stages of step 4. Next is to decide which data to include, currently only the team names are being shown. Once we have decided what data to include, we then move onto step 4 which is the overall design and layout of the page, which is what you guys will see as the end result.

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Have spent today dealing with a few issues with the fixtures page along with designing the layout.

Here is how it looks so far:


The fixtures page will show a list of fixtures including games played today. For the purpose of testing, I have included fixtures from the past 2 days to see how FT scores appear.

You can see above that full time scores stand out due to the red background colour, and live games stand out with the green background colour. All matches that haven't been played show their kick-off time.

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