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  1. Luton 1-1 Notts Hylton Vassell Marriott (Sheehan) Mrsmacthehat Luton 1-0 County Hylton Vassell Palmer (Pelly)
  2. Mansfield 1-2 Luton Marriott Hylton Vassell (Sheehan) Mrsmacthehat Mansfield 0-1 Luton Marriott Hylton Vassell (Cook)
  3. Luton 4-0 Orient Hylton Palmer Vassell (Cook) Mrsmacthehat Luton 2-0 Orient Hylton Vassell Cook (Pelly)
  4. Barnet 1-2 Luton Hylton Vassell Palmer (Cook) Mrsmacthehat Barnet 0-1 Luton Hylton Vassell Sheehan (Rea)
  5. Luton 1-1 Blackpool Hylton Cullen Potts (Vassell) Mrsmacthehat Luton 1-2 Blackpool Hylton Cullen Marriott (Vassell)
  6. Colchester 1-1 Luton Hylton Vassell Sheehan (Cook) Mrsmacthehat Colchester 1-1 Luton Hylton Vassell Palmer (Pelly)
  7. Newport 0-2 Luton Hylton Vassell Cook (Marriott) Mrsmacthehat Newport 0-1 Luton Marriott Vassell Hylton (Cook)
  8. Luton 1-0 Exeter Hylton Vassell Cook (Palmer) Mrsmacthehat Luton 1-1 Exeter Hylton Vassell Marriott (Cook)
  9. Carlisie 1-2 Luton Hylton Marriott Vassell (Cook) Mrsmacthehat Carlisle 2-0 Luton Hylton Vassell Sheehan (Pelly)
  10. Luton 2-1 Stevenage Hylton Vassell Godden (Cook) Mrsmacthehat Luton 1- 1 Stevenage Hykton Vassell Godden (Pelly)
  11. Yeovil 0-2 Luton Hylton Marriott Vassell (Cook) Mrsmacthehat Yeovil 1-2 Luton Hylton Vassell Marriott (Pelly)
  12. Luton 2-1 Plymouth Hylton Palmer Cook (Vassell) Mrsmacthehat Luton 1 - 0 Plymouth Hylton Palmer Vassell (Cook)
  13. Donny 0-1 Luton Hylton Marquis Vassell (Marriott) Mrsmacthehat Donny 2-0 Luton Hylton Marquis Vassell (Marriott)
  14. Luton 2-0 Hartlepool Hylton Vassell Marriott (Pelly) Mrsmacthehat Luton 2-1 Hartlepool Hylton Marriott Vassell (D'Ath)
  15. Luton 2-1 Crawley hylton Marriott Vassell (Cook) Mrsmacthehat Luton 2-0 Crawley Hylton Marriott Vassell (Pelly)

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