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  1. Steve, have always thought that the 'Community Stadium' was the finest example to date of worst new stadia locations so glad to hear that at least one Col fan agrees!
  2. Will we see a repeat of the Bristol clipboard fiasco when we're 2 nil down after 5mins next week? Or will we storm to an auto promotion place by winning all 7? Recent events suggest the former rather than the latter. So is it: - the players don't want it enough? - the players aren't good enough? - the players are good enough and want it but can't do it because of the way Nathan wants them to do it? - the players have zero confidence in Nathan and Hart? - it's just a bad unlucky run, everywhere is a 'tough place', KR included? - the pitches? - all of the above, some of the above, none of the above? - N is still learning and this was always going to happen, everything will improve year on year?
  3. Thanks for comments Megac, always great to hear from those that were there - and those that weren't!
  4. Sorry, forgot to add... Добро пожаловать!
  5. These Russian hackers are everywhere!
  6. why not wait until we are promoted?
  7. Agree Bill. I think this feeling really took root during and after the Stevenage game, where we saw Nathan, Hart and the players totally out thought and fought. So what can NJ change between now and the end of the season? For me, it's about him deciding what is our strongest starting 11, the Luton 'team', that, barring injuries, plays every game. That would bring some continuity to the side and would I think, help the players. Secondly, a genuine review of his preferred home 'diamond', which seems to cause more problems than it solves. Thirdly, a full stewards enquiry into how we are going to overturn our previous form against Stevenage and Pompey, one of which I fear will be our undoing if we make the playoffs.
  8. Wasn't there yesterday, but you make a key point based on the last few games I've seen. There isn't either the appetite, understanding or fitness levels to drive home those advantages, principally because there are so few options for a breaking player to find a colleague. Thanks to all for your thoughts and views on the game, always great to get a fuller picture than just the result or in my case, sporadic 3CR commentary - which does seem to have improved? It's hard to conclude that we constitute a major play off threat based on recent, and yesterday's, performance - assuming we finish 7th or above?
  9. Dean, he's hijacking my post to advertise the delicious fayre on offer at the Lansdowne....
  10. We're in need of an extra dose of something in order to maintain and then realise our playoff placing. My visit today to the excellent Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford gave me some ideas of how we could further improve the intimidatory side of our game. Hylton needs a new mask, perhaps several. I'm sure all of these are consistent with latest On Pitch Mask Criteria (OPMC). There are plenty to choose from, and most will help to restore his scoring powers as the enemy flee, equally confused and terrified. A more covert device, the Indian Axe, could easily be worn under the shirt, then swiftly removed to (gently) hack a passing opponent. Suspicious officials as per Mr Kettle could be told they are merely religious symbols which conform wholly to On Pitch Religious Symbol Criteria (OPRSC). Messrs Jones and Hart would deliver this explanation with such passion and resolve that even the most officious official would be satisfied. In the unfortunate event of an opponent losing a limb, Nathan would innocently trot out the old 'these things even themselves out over the season', ensuring no further action by the authorities. Any other suggestions of how we might gain the advantage in the coming weeks? I think the red eyed one is very Danny These discreet charms are FIFA compliant and can fully concealed
  11. Agree, think we could overcome them across two games subject to your proviso - or because we finish 8th! He wasn't at the races last night at all. I thought Carlisle's rhythm had deserted them but they harried quite well and that seemed enough to prevent us making a great final pass or through ball. will be glad to see Cuthbert back - any info on him and on Potts' injury?
  12. I was surprised how many were there, a fantastic turn out - must have been the free hotdogs! Really feel for those on the coach. I'll always be behind the team ( I know you're not being critical Loyal), just a bit weary and wary after the last two games in particular. Would be great if anyone there last night, or who watched at the club, shared what they felt, maybe it was just me? Anyway, as a Luton fan, if you don't go to a game because you're peed off, the team normally responds with a 5 nil win! COYH!
  13. Great stuff, but the result was the best part of it all
  14. Had last night's performance and result followed a win last Saturday, I would be far more optimistic about our prospects than I currently feel. But it didn't, so I was looking for some conviction last night that, with the third place lost, NJ was attempting to begin a run of games to both secure a 4th to 7th place finish and to send a threatening message to our rivals. In addition to last night, three of the next four games are against sides below us but well within reach of ousting us from a playoff spot, also meaning that they are potential rehearsals for promotion. My take on the game was that it sent a message of mediocrity and uncertainty to our rivals. The former because some of players fought (Hylton, Gambin, bits from Pelly and Cook) but we were generally hassled off the ball when it mattered. I couldn't detect any real shape to the team either. Uncertainty because by messing around again with the team, injuries aside, the message to the players and our rivals is that we do not have an obvious starting 11, or even 15. So there we are. I won't be there on Saturday because I've clocked up a lot of miles of late and I'm not prepared to see yet another Jones/Hart experiment at the weekend.
  15. Live update from Brunton Park - Absolutely nothing of significance to report apart from the love affair between the ref and his whistle. meanwhile Pompey...