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  1. Guilty as charged
  2. All I can see is 'You've chosen to ignore content by...'
  3. Moving from b'cks and speculation back to statistics - only Pompey conceded less goals than us last season. So even with all the goalie probs, we were hardly a soft touch at the back. And a player standing only 5' 9" almost singlehandedly ended our playoff bid - so big and bad at the back doesn't solve everything?
  4. Thanks for transfer info - so we've potentially got weeks of this to come? great to see an experienced goalie and midfielder already signed - both could really help out what is still a very young but inexperienced squad. But feel we're short of an older, taller, bigger defender, whatever the arguments fit or against the 'physicality' of Lg 2.
  5. When does the current transfer 'window' end for our league?
  6. Vine was a real talent. I was mortified when he went to Birmingham for £2m+? From wiki if you haven't already looked -For the third year running, Vine spent an entire season away from Portsmouth on loan, this time at Luton Town for the 2004–05 season.[5][6] Vine's nine goals helped the Hatters clinch the League One title.[7] Despite this relative lack of goals for a striker during a season, a section in the Luton News newspaper showed that Vine was the "King of Assists" – one of the main reasons for the Hatters' success.[citation need come on Loyal, you can sort out the Luton section of his Wiki page! I remember that thing he did, dancing along the goalline with the defender backing off, then suddenly he was through, the ball was still in play and he was about to make one of those many assists!
  7. Was just in the process of editing that in when you replied.
  8. Mutely, apologies too. right, back to new signings imminent and all that - James Collins? I'm sure this well known (wiki extract) and not relevant to his footballing prowess but...On 15 March 2016, whilst attending the Cheltenham Festival at Cheltenham Racecourse, Collins and Milton Keynes Dons' Samir Carruthers were photographed urinating into a beer glass before Collins poured it over a balcony.[72] The next day, Collins apologised for his behaviour and was fined two weeks' wages. Is it me? Role model? Or if he scores lots of goals it doesn't matter? Am referring to the glass antics rather than being mates with a Plastic, in case you weren't sure? Or was he victim of the media?
  9. We?
  10. As I, in common with so many folk on here, do little other than miss the point of your offerings, it does beg the question whether or not your talents and efforts would be better used elsewhere? I am flattered that you went out of your way for me though.
  11. So the silly people didn't inhabit this particular forum? It's an interesting tale but I'm not sure Hilary Mantel is losing any sleep over it just yet. But perhaps the sequel - because I'm sure there will be one - will have that effect?
  12. Apologies for the no comprendo. Yes, have another go.
  13. Not sure who you mean by 'they'? You must keep very detailed records? If you mean regular posters like Wimbo or Proud - and you may not- they go to an awful lot of games and share informed views and opinions?
  14. it wont be long! Thanks all, over and out
  15. Whitehall 1212! seriously, would be interested to read your thoughts on the aforementioned 'myth'

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