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  1. Smith has been a very loyal and committed player. Like others on here, I would be more convinced those that have arrived after him had set the world alight, even briefly - alas, not (yet?) the case. What happens if no one wants them, presumably they stay on the books?
  2. I think we've improved under NJ but a quick trawl through posts this season will throw up the same issues, which have been widely shared on here - continuous tinkering with line up and player positions, the pursuit of the diamond at all costs, the fiasco over the first choice goalie and being tactically out played/though/subbed on numerous occasions, all of which most certainly contributed to draws that might have been wins. So whilst thanking NJ for his work this season and having generously rewarded him with a contract extension, I would assume GS and co would at the very least insist on some of those 'mistakes' not being repeated? I assume PH's role is to challenge NJs thinking - is the diamond working Nathan, is playing Olly at the base of it getting the best out of him etc - and to assist him in changing matches by reorganising the side, subbing for a purpose and so on. As few, or none of those things appear to take place, he is either being ignored or can't / offer the right advice? Either way, that would appear to make his role rather redundant? So again, I think GS and co will have something to say about that as well. In the end, there were more points separating us from 3rd place than 7th so I'm not sure about narrowly missing out on the auto spots. The intention in droning on about all this is simply to avoid a repeat of it next season, and I'm sure when NJ fully reflects, he will feel the same. here's auto promotion next year, COYH!
  3. And the way Harris, who is learning all the time, managed that game (L1 playoff final) was a real lesson for NJ. He uses his players where and when they perform best. Yes, a bit of luck, but they shut up shop brilliantly when it matttered. the 'closing out' thing is hopefully one of NJs summer homework priorities but he can't even begin to do that til he secures the best possible goalie available. There no point in any outfield signing until that one is sorted. as for Lee, yes, a footballer in there somewhere but so frustrating to see him a) played where he is least effective and b) shirking the physical side of things.
  4. Walton supposedly heading for Birmingham. I hope the Transit van steers well clear of Brighton (the form book suggest it ends in tears) and heads instead for dour, physical and 'hard nut' regions. Stopping goals, rather than scoringthem, is at the root of our current problems.
  5. Seem to remember we both posted that after the Crewe game? Slight build but v slick and skilful. Left foot so could partner Gambin on that side of midfield. Two decent right footers in midfield and we could play 4 4 2 - look that one up, Nathan! talk on Outlaws about Lee Camp being the GK target? Supposedly out of contract - in my book, would tick all the boxes. I remember being behind him in the Kenny years ago when we were battering QPR and he was phenomenal. Huge experience, and working with Dearden could be invaluable to King's development as well. For me, the right GK is a pivotal signing as it was the biggest oversight last season and probably cost us promotion in the end. Saw that Ozil flew into Luton a couple of days ago but suspect his onward journey was North London rather than Maple Road.
  6. Great vision of Nathan at the wheel of the Transit, spouting incessantly about diamonds, with Hart asleep in the passenger seat and Gary Sweet's cheque both in the glove compartment
  7. Yes, don't have a prob with any of that, except the Banton thing which I've never got. Suggests that NJ has got the go ahead for a big bad striker? - and will also aim to secure a proven keeper. BTW, thanks to all those departing for their contributions. Moore will survive and go on to do well if he gets the handling side if his game together.
  8. And will they also be instructed to play in a system that they don't subscribe too? or will they be acquired for a specific purpose only to join Gambin and others on the bench? Some very good points in all the posts above, but they all seem to centre on the view that NJ's judgment and/or managerial skill set is the real issue. And yet the message to him from his employers is 'more of the same please' in form of an extended contract issued way before any goods were delivered- and the delivery of those goods has been further postponed. Wimbo, you made the excellent observation about football club owners leaving their collective business acumen at the turnstiles. I fully appreciate everything Gary and co are doing for our club but I do wish they would qualify their support of NJ and PH with some realistic hard edged expectations rather than appear to blindly get the cheque book out and reward 'shrugging'.
  9. It's happened so often this season but this time the world was watching. and yes, PH shrugs it all off. Presumably, today, while we've all been eating our furniture and gouging our eyes out, he's been shrugging off what he didn't shrug off last night.
  10. There was this football in the playoffs, and they were winning in the first leg and they lost it in the second leg they were winning too but this time they lost in theVERY LAST MINUTE! Hahahahahahahah...
  11. Too late! I'm posting from inside the oven but have just realised it's electric, not gas!
  12. Gary's comments after the game http://mobile.lutontown.co.uk/news/article/2016-17/gary-sweet-bbc-three-counties-luton-town-3720973.aspx
  13. I suddenly feel worse than I did at 10pm last night
  14. My instinct was that he dived for the penalty and this seems to be the view of many others based on post match comments? Haven't seen 'highlights' as no real wish to relive the misery of last night. Point is that there is a side to his game that is very unattractive - wouldn't want to lose him but you never build a good side around individual players. I think a team is about 11 roughly equally talented players who understand their roles and can deliver. That's what I like to see Jones build for next season and I'm not at all precious about any of the current lot , with the exception of Justin. there's plenty of fish in the League 2 sea, starting with our very own - Musunda, Bakinson, Potts, King and so on.
  15. Seconded, a very welcoming place. A great home base for our promotion bid next season! Thanks to all the excellent staff, and for your hospitality Lizard!

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