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  1. Agree with all the above. Highlights for me :- - this was a team performance start to finish and we mixed it with a large physical side and out 'footballed' them - pleased for Potts who I have always rated - I think he shows patience and judgment - didn't panic after gifting them a goal - Pelly superb again, particularly after missing a chance - game was entertaining start to finish, great saves from Moore - best of all, can go into playoffs with a real chance of winning because WE ARE LUTON TOWN! ps the whole Hylton card thing mystifies me but he is so good. Just worry that his card form is on a par with every other aspect of his game - nightmare scenario being a send off in a play off semi or final, so please sort it Danny but of course, he won't!
  2. Yesterday (Monday!) felt like a Saturday! That's the only defence I can offer (bit like when we play Stevenage!)
  3. Tactics, good post. I've mentioned this issue a few times as I feel our PO chances depend on some stability and consistency in both selection and formation. I'd go with your 11 but would choose Rea rather than Mullins Potts had a great game on Sat but he's not a wing back, so yes to Senior. Pelly HAS to be where we all know he plays best! Surely the same team in the last 3 league games followed by the 3 (yes, 3!) PO games (maybe rest Hylton as so knackered, so Palmer can start) would give us the best chance?
  4. Well, a fine day out, the game preceded by a visit to the superb Railway Inn and the convivial company of Shatter, Greenwoman, Boston, hatterSW19, Wimbo and others. Another bumper away fan turnout- what tremendous support our team enjoys away from home. First half was a scrappy affair which Mansfield edged on effort and commitment - shouldn't someone have attempted to block the shot that was their goal? Some disgruntled fans at this point - why weren't our front players being supported when breaking forward or when in possession and surrounded by Evans' obedient, harrying Stags? A referee who appeared to be related to the aforementioned Evans wasn't helping either. Then, what appeared to be a dubious handball by Taft (he played against us for Burton) and the ref, who hadn't switched ends mentally, awarded us a massively chocolatey Easter Egg which Hylton snapped up - or rather sauntered up. Suddenly we were menacing and created a few half chances, but more importantly, controllled the game for a spell. Needing three points, Evans changed tactics and introduced more offensive players but we survived fairy comfortably. I was impressed with D'Ath and Potts, Palmer too after his introduction. Hylton looks exhausted and now needs a rest. Pelly also very muddly in thought and execution. Lee had another good game, but I do wish the whole team would give a collective impression of effort and commitment for the full 90mins rather than in patches. Am writing this in the midst of a Pompey Promotion Party, thinking it is not at all inconceivable that we could be having our own version in a few weeks time? COYH and all that
  5. Shatter, I think you've cornered the market in long johns and you intend to sell them at a massively inflated price in the Railway Tavern today. Can I pre order an orange pair, along with a fur coat and a fleece? Moore, Moore... (sorry, in joke) there are Pompey fans on my train and I'm a bit envious of them...
  6. With a bit of luck, trolls.com will be hosting a 40 day residential convention in Siberia starting at dawn tomorrow, so as to cover all eventualities.
  7. You'll be very flattered to learn that like the Lord, you have risen today. In the spirit of a true Christian, I lifted my block so that, again like the Lord, you would be revealed to me in all your glory. So I'm slightly surprised I read that having surveyed the world to which you have returned, you have deemed it 'silly'. I trust that you will ascend earlier than planned to escape from the frivolity of this forum and all the silliness that goes with it.
  8. Some good points from all of you. Agree that we are certain to face far greater physical provocation at Mansfield than against the other 3 sides we are due to face before the end of the (league) season, so I also expect Hylton to be 'benched' as a win is not essential The points about Cook are also well made as is the perennial BaseoftheDiamondGate - The latter is the best example of why critical friends of LTFC like Wimbo and Proud are lukewarm about the dynamic duo. I would like to see the 'best' formation play the last 3 games unchanged so as to give some continuity for the likely playoff challenge. But there is little evidence to suggest that is even remotely possible, based on nearly a season's long habitual fiddling, swapping and changing. I wonder how much fiddling about Wilder has done for the last two seasons?
  9. Two great orators at the top of their game, delivering inspiration, new thinking and leadership http://mobile.lutontown.co.uk/news/article/2016-17/luton-town-football-league-two-leyton-orient-3675211.aspx Both Mark Anthony and Churchill have been onto the club to get that guy's number
  10. Justin's tackle was the worst I've ever seen. Lee's pass was equally poor. Cook should captain his country and will probably be snapped up by Real or Barca on the close season.
  11. Hylton should always play and shouldn't get booked. By all means take him off after his hat trick but don't see the sense in 'protecting' him - he needs to sort out that side of his game.
  12. Sounds great - the pub, not the hen party that is (although I'm sure that was/is great too, oh dear, getting into trouble here, at least Hitler didn't gas hen parties - or did he? Or did they gas him? Better order a Tomahawk strike on the Railway in case its full of Hitlers gassing Hens or vice versa - does anyone know if Mansfield is in Syria or Iraq?
  13. Very good
  14. I wonder if Macey will spend tonight's game at Palace persuading those alongside him on the bench that their futures lie 30 miles up the M1? 3Gibbs 4Mertesacker 8Ramsey 12Giroud 15Oxlade-Chamberlain 34Coquelin 54Macey
  15. Wimbo, I think you are right to ask questions about these two crucial areas, particularly when you have attended so many games. Outsmarted? It is often hard to detect a strategy, particularly at away games. At home, the diamond is dished up week in week out, irrespective of the opposition, so we sort if know what to expect. Away, - well, on Sat, O'Donn spent most of the first half on the right touch line, occasionally receiving a half decent pass, only to send it halfway to Brent Cross. The rest of the team appeared to drift about in a flock, as if to gain mutual support. I bored Shatter2 senseless with my repeated observation that the pitch was wide and empty - why weren't we making use of it? Barnet did that far better than us, breaking through on many occasions. Our tactics seemed to be as complex as - they would attack a lot but hopefully miss, we would defend a lot and nick a goal. That of course was the outcome but I'm not sure it would have impressed Conte or Koeman. As for effort and commitment, Hylton has it in bucketfuls and Pelly has shown real effort and sweat in the last few months. Cuthbert also delivers consistently. But many other players drift in or out. Why do we allow sides to run at us, giving them space and backing off in the process? Why is our midfield so often overrun? I thought the most telling example of both lack of strategy combining with the commitment issue was the Stevenage home game. It's hard to see us getting past our neighbours if we face them in the playoffs. Of course, Jones and Hart must be credited with our current position - 'top' of those sides who are not going up automatically. But is there a real belief that we can win the playoffs and that there is enough quality in the core of the squad to make a real go of it if we do get promoted? J and H enjoy far greater resources than many of our rivals. The league this year hasn't been particularly strong either.

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