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  1. I wasn`t suggesting playing them all at the same time and my post referred to Musonda and Famewo . I have not seen Potts play at CB but can conceive he would be good given his heading ability.
  2. That has always been my preferred option for the CB position. Having seen both play on a few occasions the things that stood out for me has been Musonda`s positional play and Famewo`s aggressive defensive play.
  3. Would be on my wish list but have no hope it will happen.
  4. Considering it is close season I must say it has been (so far) an excellent level of activity on the board. Hopefully it will continue until the season starts.
  5. Keep up this banter please lads, all good stuff for the board.
  6. We try to help.
  7. Thank you.
  8. Nice banter lads, keep it up please.
  9. Great responses today guys and gals, keep it up the perfect for the advert hits.The more the merrier.
  10. Possibly only those when Cuthbert wasn`t playing?
  11. Died today aged 83, another one of the 59 Cup final team gone. RIP John
  12. http://www.bedfordshire-news.co.uk/crawley-may-be-forced-to-sell-luton-town-target/story-30411271-detail/story.html
  13. Let`s wait for Loyal`s response.
  14. I`ll see you with Imre Varadi.

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