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  1. I like watching the results on Soccer Saturday, it's a brilliant programme. A couple of times this season I've been to my local pub, sat on my own in front of the TV watching the scores come in, drunk 2 pints in each half, then gone home again. All for cheaper than it would cost me to get to Luton by train and tube, never mind match ticket, beers there, food and the amount of time taken up. I did enjoy the Oxford game though, it was gripping. Friday night football would be good I reckon, play the home games then and then you can do what you want the rest of the weekend. Not so good for fans who have to travel large distances.
  2. Yep Oxford game they'd sold out of all pies before end of half-time and the crowd in the Kenny wasn't even that big.
  3. Yeah, don't think its a problem at KR. Capacity is not too far off being filled. But this student debt stuff is a timebomb which will probably affect all clubs. If tickets are £20-£25, once you factor travel and food etc. it becomes a £50 day out or more just for one person, let alone a family. Only solution is for players wages to be cut at most levels so clubs don't need to keep putting ticket prices up.
  4. Agree but that was always the case in football though wasn't it? Don't think even Jayten tried to sell next year's season tickets in March. Also, interesting Rutland's point about roughly half of youngsters going to Uni and having to pay back huge student loan debts - this is the generation we are hoping to help fill Power Court isn't it? Tickets might have to priced at a fairly affordable level to get them in.
  5. Debut was away at Brizzle as sub. Full debut was next game (think) home to Plymouth. Got sent off. ps just checked and that 0-4 home defeat in October 97 that we don't talk about was the Saturday between the Brizzle and Plymouth games, i don't think Spring figured in that one. We actually had over 20 players injured which is why the likes of Robert Kean made the squad.
  6. My worry re support is that I'm 41 and am part of the last generation that ever stood on the terraces to watch Luton at home - was 18 when the KR terrace shut. Before that as a young kid I watched with the awe the noise and fighting on terraces behind both goals. Anyone in their 20's won't have known anything aside from all-seater home games, where the passion from the whole crowd is nowhere near what it used to be. I've been guilty of starting at my mobile phone to check the other score during games and i'm not the only one. Just a bit worried that the combination of cost and atmosphere might mean people that were bought by their parents when they kids may lose interest or get priced out once they reach their 20's. Especially with all the £340 is too cheap comments. Even an Oak Road Season Ticket for someone just starting work is a reasonable outlay these days.
  7. I guess the Kenny end has been full of older than average fans for a while now, but it's becoming particularly noticeable now. Important not to neglect the "young adults' in their early 20's just starting off in adult life and not to price them out of being able to afford to go to games. Maybe there should be minimum prices for Season Tickets - eg £340 for the standard adult ticket - with an option to donate more for those who can afford to?
  8. If you put ST prices up then you pretty much have to put matchday prices up too. £18-23 is still a reasonable amount for L1 football, I guess there might be a small increase in matchday prices in L1, maybe £19-£24 for example, but the cost of food and fuel is rising a lot faster than wages currently and who knows what level they will be at by the end of next season. I noticed even at the Oxford game last week where it was a tenner a ticket the Kenny End was still full of the usual middle-aged to older suspects and not many younger fans to be seen. So in what are going to be tough times important to keep prices at a sensible level for what's at best going to be 3rd division football. Personally I preferred it when they started taking ST money at the end of the previous season rather than all this Early Early Bird stuff etc....
  9. Helping out? I thought we paid him a salary to be first-team coach. The way he describes sounds like his job was to put the cones out.
  10. Skippy Oldfield. Syd Owen (bit before my time).
  11. I'm with you... its a delay of a few months, but nothing more serious than that I don't think.
  12. Yep it did but that's what happens when The Sun runs stories about non-league players I guess, they could've focused on any of the players in the build-up, but went for the fat reserve keeper basically cos he is fat.
  13. And why did SunBets pay out on him eating a pie when he ate a pasty? He'd have quite a good defence I would've thought on the basis that he didn't actually eat a pie.
  14. Apparently The Sun made up their story about paying out a five figure sum on the bet. They only took a handful of five and 10 pound bets and hardly paid out anything.
  15. Anyone else find it a bit odd that a Conference side had a 23-stone 46 year old as their second choice keeper in the first place?