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  1. Live streaming not available in Republic of Ireland. The only overseas country where it isn't I think.
  2. Garry Richards?
  3. Moving to Yorkshire to spend more time with his grandchildren and family apparently.
  4. Hopefully this link works banner paying tribute to Kevin Catlin being paraded around KR pre-match yesterday: https://twitter.com/double0kmp/media
  5. Yes, Down to Journeyman who works for Sky. Nice touch and his daughter saw it posted on twitter too.
  6. RIP Spike. Condolences to Nicky and all his family and friends.
  7. video-1493548778.mp4
  8. See post below for video of Jeff Stelling's tribute to Kevin on Soccer Saturday yesterday.
  9. My mistake, it was actually taken at the York game not the JPT.
  10. Yes, Taken at the JPT Final.
  11. Kev is in the left foreground of this photo, in the hat.
  12. Or Blackpool or Carlisle away in the play-offs!
  13. Thanks Steve. Already committed to going to a friend's birthday in Kent tomorrow otherwise I would have dropped everything to go up there and toast his memory.
  14. As a fellow real ale aficionado quite likely you were in the same pub as Kev at many an away game, even if you never spoke to him.
  15. Always wore a hat rather like this, short and tubby, with a mop of dark hair. I'm sure most fans would recognize his face.

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