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  1. Yes, as you say, much derided but a very decent player: maybe 20 yeras ahead of his time.
  2. Well, Oddy, it's about opinions and I am giving my opinion based on a large number of games; granted that comes with whatever bias the individual viewer of a game may have but I generally find being at a game aids one in forming an opinion; youtube highlights can be a touch self-limiting by their very nature of being a couple of minutes of what actually happened compared to the full 90 minutes. In terms of a lower league, L2, defender Cuthbert is very effective in the air defending crosses into the box and has been that way ever since the arrival of Mitchell in the season before last: all IMO of course. Is he physical? Well, this is L2 so of course he is going to be physical and not a dainty chap like John Terry.
  3. Just had a read of the stats: Aerial duels won Cuthbert 78.6%; Rea 80.0% & Sheehan 85.7%. Now assuming that a statistician/observer was present at every game, just what does winning an aerial duel actually mean? Does it mean winning a fairly unopposed challenge outside of the penalty area, does it mean winning one out-wide, does it mean within the aerial duel in the penalty area defending a cross/free kick/corner? Indeed does it mean winning the initial duel with a poorly directed header that goes straight to the opposition? So, if you follow what I am reasoning, the lack of detail in these stats makes them really are pretty weak in proving a case one way or the other in terms of either goals conceded or near misses. Lizard suggests a view from somebody who has been to most games; fine, my view based on the 43 league games I attended last season is as follows: Overall we had a decent and sometimes very good defence & pass-backs apart, SOD was really not that poor. Cuthbert, Rea, Sheehan & Mullens were somewhere on the grade of either good or very good when the ball was on the deck and all decent, especially Cuthbert when facing a ball in the air i.e a ball hit down-field in the air. So far no real complaints on their respective defensive qualities and let’s also throw in the comment that Sheehan is one of the bravest players I have seen in a Luton shirt for some time, a great lad and totally committed. Right, that’s the strength bits and sanity on stats part done; love stats by the way and used them in my life one hell of a lot so I am not knocking stats but just offering sanity as to what you may get from a crude poorly reported stats. Now accepting that we have had overall a good defence and also accepting that goals and chances often come from failed challenges, poor marking up etc my view of what we could improve on (& this is about making good into very good). Based on those 43 games it’s simply this: The major area is IMO aerial defending of any form of cross: cross from the wing, free kick and particularly corners. I am not saying we are bad at it all the time but certainly many goals conceded have come from our inability to effectively mark up in the air or make an effective clearance. Then, of course, you have the near misses that did not result in a goal. Cuthbert was quite outstanding in these situations, Mullins fair, Rea often got the wrong side of his man and Sheehan sometimes struggled under such pressure. Incidentally up at Hartlepool when Cuthbert was out, young Famewo did really well in attacking the ball in the air: I really hope he keeps developing. Going into next season I really doubt that Nathan will recruit another CB, see the squad thread as we have van load already with the two youngsters. That in itself I don’t see as devastating if we can be more effective in midfield ball-winning and command etc and maybe McCormack will add control in that department. All the above are just my views on how I saw our performances but there we are, sites such as 262 are about views and debate.
  4. Well, Barcelona Hatters that’s an interesting one: maybe one day, who knows? In terms of the various styles of football, I can honestly say I am fairly flexible in my tastes. Yes, the Barcelona style can be a joy to watch as can those superbly organised German world cup winning teams; you knew what was going to happen, tip tap across the field looking for an opening followed by superb acceleration by a number of players into the opposition's half. If you look at the much criticised long ball Graham Taylor’s Watford team, yes they played the ball long but it was often long out into space on the wings with Barnes and Callaghan ready and understanding what was required of them as did Blissett. To me, the clear common thread from the above three examples is that you had players brought together who are/were well suited to the particular style of play, players that excelled in that style within a team that very importantly totally bought into that particular style whether it be tip-tap or long ball. Everybody understood their role and the team functioned as a unit. Do players at Luton really understand the style/formation that Nathan is trying to use; are they gifted enough in tier 4 of football to adapt? Oh well, come August we shall get at least an early flavour of things to come.
  5. Yes, can't argue with that. For such a tall man, Olly had a heck of a job jumping for the ball.
  6. That's nice and good luck to him; he had a good attitude in his time here and at least he will get paid his wages at Lincoln.
  7. Hi Richard, fair and interesting points you make and in a dream world I suppose supporters want it all; great entertainment and success in terms of getting promoted. In reality, I suspect I suspect that given the “dogged determination route” that leads to a top three spot would be fully acceptable to the great majority of our fans and I would settle for that. Looking at last season's promoted three we have a real mixture of determination and entertainment. I would describe Doncaster as being very entertaining and trying to simply score more goals than the opposition. Plymouth as very functional to get the job done: I saw them three times including a win 1-0 at Cambridge and they were tough, dour but not entertaining & hell, did their fans moan about their team a lot in the Cambridge Blue pre-game. Portsmouth, according to their fans, had their best game of the season when they won at Luton, they really were good, yet at one time in the season, they were calling for manager Cook to be replaced. Given the choice, I would go for the Doncaster route but whichever; I honestly believe the Luton fans will get totally behind their side i.e. with entertainment of dull dour success where we grind out wins. Interestingly, there is sometimes talk on 262 of “the Luton way” and by that, I think they mean David Pleat’s style of total football which was good to watch and boy did we cling on at times: Man City! However, you could argue that the Luton way that delivered most success was the functional style of John Moore or the deep thinking tactical style of the late Ray Harford. As for me, no backbone and easily bought with success, I enjoyed it all. I think our crowd at Luton are far better than the “demanding success” sticker they sometimes carry. Give them entertainment and they will be fairly content, give them success and they will be totally behind the team. The travelling supporters give immense support both in numbers and noise, so I think a fair bit of latent energy exists there.
  8. Proud, I think the club are keeping the Aaron Pierre announcement under wraps until we get a definitive answer from Andy Johnson.
  9. So, following the arrival of Jack Stacey we now have 20outfield players. Goalkeepers: Marek Stech Craig King “The Outfield 20” Full Backs: 4 in number James Justin Jack Stacey Dan Potts Jack Senior Centre Backs: 6 in number Scott Cuthbert Johnny Mullins Glen Rea Alan Sheehan Akin Famewo Frankie Musonda Midfield: 7 in number Jordan Cook Lawson D’Ath Luke Gambin Alan McCormack Olly Lee Pelly Ruddock Tyreeq Bakinson Strikers: 3 in number Danny Hylton Jack Marriott Isaac Vassell
  10. This season is in my opinion, the season when we find out is NJ has anything much about him or is he simply a very mediocre narrow minded coach with lots of blind chest beating passion? Will NJ & PH, a partnership I am not convinced about (I simply expected more evidence of wise guidance from PH as mentor), be able to learn from the last season and a half and be able to mould a top three side? Will the home crowd eventually have some form of decent entertaining performances or will NJ/PH once again be outsmarted by many managers in L2 at the Kenny? Will Cook be able to do a Lawless and become a crowd favourite after a poor first season? If NJ can turn it around, then he will have the full backing of the Kenny faithful; if not then he has a comfortable secure contract running to 2020. I would feel so much easier if his contract just ran out in 2018; if he has learnt, adapted and changed then we could have simply renewed it in December 2017 but maybe GS really feels there is a queue of clubs thirsting for NJ’s coaching talents. The contract extension is probably the thing that irks me more than anything. So, a season of questions that hopefully will be partly answered by October: we have to wait and see.
  11. Stacey was in the Exeter line-up against us three times last season; twice starting and once on the bench. In the first game Exeter were truly dreadful and a very generous referee, at least in terms of awarding us penalties, helped us win. Over the two games Stacey played, I can’t really say he made a positive impression on me but as the games were generally so poor it was probably difficult for anybody to shine. I doubt that he has been brought in as a replacement for JJ; simple fact is that we had no real cover at RB following the departure of SOD.
  12. Yes, looking at the list at this stage a leap forward in potential improvement does not readily hit you but maybe Nathan has some more arrivals that will add a touch of pace and a plan B. I would suspect that looking at the squad as it stands today that the team will to an extent self-select along the lines of: Whilst there is still the slightest heartbeat or sign of a pulse, then Rea and Cook followed by the excellent Hylton. Then we have the JS legacy defenders of JJ, Cuthbert and Potts possibly finalising the back four along with Rea mentioned above. Midfield, it’s simply a case of who plays alongside Cook and presumably the “when fit and available” McCormack. Strikers; well, fairly easy with Hylton & Vassell backed up by Marriott. Oh yes, Stetch in goal. Not really overly optimistic that with what we have at the moment that Nathan will get us in the top three come the end of the season.
  13. New thread started covering the building of our squad during the summer months.
  14. As in the past couple of years, a listing of our squad of first team players as it develops before the kick off in August. I have assumed that Famewo, Musonda and Bakinson will be seen as part of the first team squad within Nathan's numbers. Shortly on Whittlerhatter, I will update the pages for the 2017/18 season. I will keep this thread updated as a dynamic reference of our squad members. Goalkeepers: Marek Stech Craig King “The Outfield 20” Full Backs: 3 in number James Justin Dan Potts Jack Senior Centre Backs: 6 in number Scott Cuthbert Johnny Mullins Glen Rea Alan Sheehan Akin Famewo Frankie Musonda Midfield: 7 in number Jordan Cook Lawson D’Ath Luke Gambin Alan McCormack Olly Lee Pelly Ruddock Tyreeq Bakinson Strikers: 3 in number Danny Hylton Jack Marriott Isaac Vassell So Nathan’s slimmed-down squad with his desire to limit it to 20-22 outfield players contains 19 outfield players (includes the youngsters Bakinson, Famewo Musonda). Exclude from the above are Jonathan Smith, Jake Gray & Josh McQuoid.
  15. Tony, I strongly get the feeling that NJ just does not see a need to reinforce our CB options. However, as mentioned on other threads, I certainly do feel we need the type of player you describe. Sadly, just can't see it happening. Maybe the new keeper may help to an extent if he is comfortable leaving his line to punch (like Mitchell) or catch the ball.

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