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  1. I reckon he is a good 442 defender and has the benefit of being fairly tall at about 6'1". The downside is his lack of confidence as an attacking wing back but to be fair he did ok down the left flank yesterday. It will to my mind be a close call in terms of getting a new contract but even if he moves on to another club, I reckon he will have a decent career in football.
  2. An enjoyable game to watch and simply so nice to see more than the odd one or two have a decent game. It looks like it would be near impossible for us now to fail qualification for the playoffs and I must admit I am rather looking forward to it. I don't know what the view others may have on NJ's ability to bring in quality keepers albeit on loan but he seems to have landed four in succession, Mitchell, Walton, Macey and now Stuart Moore who after a terribly nervous baptism against Cheltenham, is now looking to be a goalkeeper worth signing. Olly Lee, maybe not the star of the show yesterday but I think that's five very decent games on the trot for Olly: well done to him. As ever, I have produced some match notes on: http://whittlerhatter.weebly.com
  3. It’s absolutely unbelievable the excuses some people come up with for missing a potentially highly entertaining attacking game at the Kenny. Nonetheless, I hope you both have a good day.
  4. I agree with the thoughts of the others posters on this match thread but overall a decent day out: I do enjoy the away game experience so much more than that at the theatre of confusion and frustration that has become the Kenny over the last couple of seasons. It was a really splendid lunchtime in the company of many 262ers and likewise good company on the journey home. Have produced some match notes on: http://whittlerhatter.weebly.com I honestly can’t imagine that we will fail to reach the playoffs especially as other teams also stagger and stumble towards season's end; why should it not be our year? If I had the predictive skill of Mick then I would confidently predict a citrus final but we will have to wait and see for that one.
  5. If the duo were to leave for another club then I hope Gary Sweet is reasonable in terms of financial adjustments that we may make; I would hate us to get into debt.
  6. I just think that the dynamic duo, Jones & Hart, have to be sensible in terms of the exposure they give to Hylton in the next four games as we are almost but not quite a one-man band in terms of consistency of performance. Mansfield are a very physical side and manager Evans is smart enough to target Hylton; so have him on the bench for that one. As for Cook, well I reckon his injury on Saturday may well have done stubborn Nathan a real favour as I suspect Cook will not be available until the important Hitchin PSF. Now I should say that under the right conditions that there is almost certainly a good player lurking within Cook but it has just not happened for his in his first season at Luton. As it stands we need 7 points from 4 games to guarantee a playoff place but I reckon 4 points from the 4 games will just about be enough given our good goal difference. So, I reckon we will continue to stumble along and maybe if NJ can keep Lee delivering as he had done in the last 3 games, light a small fire under Pelly’s bum and save Cook for next season, we will make L1 via a Wembley win. The fact that we have not been winners of the other playoffs tournaments actually in terms of probability, make me feel it could be our turn; yes, I know we have to turn up and play. If we had won the last four playoffs tournaments, then I would say a fifth was less likely: just the way I look at things! For the sake of clarity, I am not an NJ happy clapper, nor am I a member of the "we will never get promoted under NJ club". As it stands I am about 47:53 in positivity about the NJ/PH partnership mainly because they make the same mistakes over and over and frustratingly don't learn. However, as I said in my match notes "if you give a monkey a bar of soap...".
  7. ODTT I always enjoy the day as a whole, a couple of beers and the social with friends. If the football is entertaining then that’s a bonus and to be fair, we have seen worse games than yesterday’s affair. In the first half had one of Gambin’s good shots gone in or had Marriott managed to keep that shot on the turn just under the crossbar then the second period may have been a touch more relaxed but as ever it's small margins. I see the bookies have us as favourites to join Donny, Plymouth and Portsmouth in L1.
  8. Batch if we did actually go up I fell that there would be a number of changes at the club with some strengthening of the squad and the probable replacement of Hart as he takes up the position of becoming spin doctor for either Donald Trump (we fired the missiles at Iraq: whoops, did somebody say Syria) or Jeremy Corbin. If we go up, I am sure we will be fine; not in the top 7 maybe but I would say safe and I suspect Nathans tactics may be more suited to the cultured world of League 1 football and League 1players.
  9. Great news Mick, I suppose that Paul Hart’s totally inspirational post match interview finally swung you to go to Mansfield rather than listen to Simon’s commentary: see you in the Railway Inn and I will have a pint of Australia’s third most famous export waiting for you. I say third as UGG Boots and Kylie Minogue take the two top places I am told.
  10. A really pleasing article to read about JJ O’Donnell’s return to National League action with Gateshead; best of luck JJ, you will always be a Hatter: https://www.gateshead-fc.com/emotional-day-for-jj-on-heed-return/
  11. We were ok the first half but not dominant. In the first 25 minutes of the second half we were just downright poor and once again the midfield became a wilderness for LTFC players. Yet, despite managing to avoid victory against a poor soon to be National League side, we remain in 4th place as other teams looking to take a place in the playoffs also had a bad day. I have produced some match notes on: http://whittlerhatter.weebly.com
  12. I will definitely buy you a pint of medicinal puddle water Keith; look forward to the pre-match and hopefully, the game will not disappoint.
  13. Some good news on the recovery of Cameron McGeehan; his progress is really going well: http://www.lutontoday.co.uk/sport/football/luton-town/huge-booost-for-luton-as-mcgeehan-starts-jogging-again-1-7914735
  14. I reckon that NJ will use the same starting 11 as he used at Barnet last week and as we won, albeit because Barnet had "barn door" Akinde in their side. Personally, as we are playing a weak, demoralised, young Orient side I would add a fit again Senior to the starting 11 and move Justin to RB simply to get more crosses into the box rather than into Beech Path. It seems a good opportunity to me to try and add a few more goals to our goal difference which could be important at the end of the season.
  15. Just a reminder for any Hatters planning to travel to Mansfield on Monday, the game is all ticket. Pre-match I plan to go to the excellent Railway Inn that we used last season; nice traditional old town pub, good beer and good food: https://whatpub.com/pubs/MNS/107/railway-inn-mansfield

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