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  1. I don’t like the act of booing nor do I like the singing of derogatory songs, in this case about Lee. Why ever would such actions boost players? It simply will not but in reality, it’s unfortunately just a way of frustrated folk who have paid good money expressing their dissatisfaction. Not defending it by the way!
  2. Yes, I take your point Ders and when we do go into L1 I would rather it be something that we sustain in terms of security rather than be onto a hiding every other week. Having said that, of the sides that have gone up over the last two seasons, many of which were not massively better than us, only Shrewsbury have been perennial strugglers and as yet no side has been kicked back to L2. Indeed Burton, who we dominated in the away game in 14/15 yet lost 1-0, are now in the championship, Southend in a playoff place and both Bristol Rovers and Oxford in the top 10. Maybe I am wrong but I would have thought that NJ’s experience and approach would be more suited to L1 than the street urchin world of L2.
  3. Looking at our performance for Nathan's 21 games last season commencing with Cambridge, we averaged 1.71 points per game; projecting that to a full season gives 78 points a season. That performance was achieved with players inherited from JS plus a couple of loans in; Sheehan and Rea. All in all, a very credible return including two mini runs of 4 & 3 consecutive victories. Like many supporters, I really did not want the season to end. This season NJ has built his own team at the same time retaining what he saw as the best of the JS crew. Yet despite this rebuilding and in what I consider to be a weaker league than last season, we are only averaging 1.53 points a game and have only managed back to back victories three times all season. So, despite this rebuilding have we really improved? Sometimes I think certain aspects and positions have improved e.g. the arrival of Hylton, the re-emergence of Pelly. Yet overall what is the view? Are we better now than we were within NJ’s first 21 games last season?
  4. We were definitely at the same game Adrian and what a change since such a sparkling performance at Yeovil just six games back; just so difficult to understand.
  5. Well, our Nathan certainly has some work to do if we are to get anywhere near the playoff places; yesterday's first half performance was just shocking and probably the worst I have sat through since that dreadful effort at Bristol last season. However, down as we may be, let's not surrender just yet; we still have 21 points to play for. As usual, I have produced some match notes on: http://whittlerhatter.weebly.com
  6. How sad, simply so stubborn. Jones acknowledges that Cook’s form is poor “he has got to turn up”, but it seems he will just keep plugging away with him. Jones goes on to say “Jordan’s a big player for us, that’s why I brought him in”. Excuse me Nathan but when this season has Cook been a big player for us? In home games, he has been at best sporadic but in away games as Nathan may say, just not turning up. I feel that there is probably a good player lurking within Cook but FFS Nathan if the bloke is off form at the very least put him on the bench rather than in the starting 11; a touch of gradual game time until his confidence and form returns.
  7. Oh Proud, don't get me started on Cook: photo of him, well sort of, turning up at the Kenny for a L2 game:
  8. Liz, I was on for 45 league games this season, it will never be 46 as I always take a holiday in Sep/October and try to marry it in with Crawley away; it’s worked these last two seasons. No big deal in terms of the matches I attend, my choice and I enjoy it. However, my enthusiasm dropped off the cliff with the performances against Cheltenham and Stevenage. I cancelled planned trips to Grimsby, Carlisle and Newport. I just can’t say I am one of the evangelical types that greeted the two-year contract extension given to NJ with joy; the guy is simply work in progress backed by possibly the greatest resources in L2. I am not anti-NJ just realistic in terms of what his achievements have actually been to date. Still, onwards and upwards and let’s hope next seasons L2 is as weak as this one was and that NJ can learn what it takes to escape from the physical world of L2. By that time he may be enjoying more of the rich youth team legacy he has been so fortunate to inherit. I should say that I don’t see promotion as the sole reason for supporting the club with my dosh; I seek entertainment and sadly we have enjoyed precious little of that this season under the NJ/PH partnership.
  9. No PH74, you are not expecting too much; good post that sums up my feelings of our season in what I see as the weakest L2 since our return to the football league.
  10. A bit of a difficult one there as Lee. Cook (highly regarded by NJ who says he is in fine form), Gray & Mullins are contracted until 2018. I reckon young Gray could be a decent player for us and as much as I like Banton he really needs a new club to push on his career. I generally think that Nathan has signed some good players but some are a touch lightweight in midfield for the needs of L2. To me, the biggest problem is Nathan's insistence that his "give up the midfield formation" will work in his chosen formation: what a stubborn guy he is. Fortunately my main LTFC entertainment this season has been away from home as those just attending home matches would have just seen very little joyous entertainment.
  11. From the reports I looked at Bush, JJ went to RB and SOD was moved to midfield.
  12. That's good news for Donny & Plymouth then
  13. Oh dear, just had a view of NJ's post-match rant: "Newport is a difficult place to come to"; well, of course, it's a difficult place Nathan, after all, they have won twice at home in 19 attempts in L2 this season.
  14. I agree Ironman this is at best an average league this season and to my mind, the weakest of our three seasons here and as you say, just makes it so frustrating in terms of an opportunity lost. Eight league wins, well that's 24 points but I would say we will probably pick up maybe another 11 or 12 but even then that's would require an improvement over recent form. Will another 11 or 12 points make the playoffs?
  15. Yes, I know Al and my post was just for a bit of fun. I have attended all of the away victories and give full credit to Nathan for organising our team in a far more robust way away from home than we have seen in recent seasons. I just wish Nathan & Co could be a touch smarter at home; hopefully, it will happen maybe next season.