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  1. God bless you Sir ... RIP John.
  2. Abbot Ale in the George II ...... memories of happy days
  3. that reminds me of the song Sunderland fans used to sing .... 'we are , we are for Kinell for Kinell , for Kinell etc after George Kinell rough tough old centre half with Charlie Hurley.
  4. Coz if I knew how you do it to me I'd do it to you ! saw GATP at Ilkley a couple of years ago, he was great. Met the Pacemakers again at another do bout a month ago and we're trying to get Gerry on at the Cinnamon Club in Bowdon in Altrincham.
  5. If you lot are ever in Stockport then make your merry way to Heaton Hops in Heaton Chapel. Best bar and best beer in Man, plenty of cask and craft beers on fraught .... my pick ? Local Man brewery Shindigger, try their West Cost IPA .. fantastic and only £3.80 a pint , not inc CAMRA discount! Check it out on tinternet and twitter.
  6. I noticed in the Non League paper that Steve was in the Conference team of the year, voted for by fellow players/clubs. well done that man ! Class act at that level, although was a little concerned how easily the Forest Green player went past him to score their winner at Wembley. Also worth noting that Simon Ainge was in the Conference North team .. as a striker !
  7. Without doubt it has to be Gordon Turner ( God bless you Sir ) i understand that following a friendship built on England B duty Gordon and a certain Brian Clough ( God bless you sir too ) were great mates ... in Gordon's later years Brian made sure Mr An Mrs Turner holidayed at his home in Majorca for some respite. another name from mid 60's .. Striker Tony Thear, did he come from Arsenal ? Was he a replacement for John O'Rourke (RIP) or was that Gerry King ? Bobby Thomson , LB from Everton, tough, gritty player a good full back partner for Alan McBain at RB. And of course THE Bobby Thompson (RIP) stylish full back who captained us to the First Division.
  8. Don't wanna put a downer on anything but ... his comment about 'keep picking up niggling injuries' is a little concerning
  9. Last weekend
  10. Jon Shaw was playing at Wembley with South Shields in FA Vase.
  11. Hi Shady we all should read this book, written I think by his great great granddaughter... "The Wanderer , the story of Frank Soo " A great read, he had such an interesting life/career .... first Chinese player in the league and yes, his parents did have a laundry , unbelievable! its on eBay, £9.76 for a new copy.
  12. Evening Al i sure I remember both Vic and Ken in the South East Counties youth team, correct me but wasn't Mick Gilchrist. Steve Baker and Nicky in the same side ? used to watch some games at the Co-op ground on Saturday mornings I think Nick was an unused sub at Bury thinking about it.
  13. Nicky Sparkes, young winger cum midfielder, never really got a chance .. one sub appearance away at Bury in League Cup. Good lad though !
  14. On the bench at Wembley for Bratford
  15. Alan Rivers, reserve centre half in mid 60's

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