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  1. NJ signs new deal until summer of 2020 ..... great !
  2. Great comment Liz
  3. Bright an breezy here in Wm Rufus
  4. Well I'm on the train from Manchester soon. looking for another of our winning away matches, although Cuthbert will be a big Miss if unfit. Our opponents have pretty much bombed since they sold Wyke in January, so here's to a big 3 points !
  5. Morning all, what's the name of the pub that you fellas say is great ?
  6. John O'Rourke for me too, my second idol, after Ron Davies. He and his big mate Ray Whittaker were London boys and I'll always remember getting their autographs , as usual, after games. And were superstars to me dressed in suade coats and topped up with aftershave before heading off to the smoke.
  7. I remember reserve games at KR back in the 60's ..... what excitement there was for me 12-14 year old lad. The best part of the crowd would stand close to the tiny press box at the back of enclosure, the phone wud ring and Eric Pugh's deputy would answer ..... have Luton scored... come on tell us all ! then the announcement came ... oh the relief if we had scored ! Happy days !!
  8. Back on topic, noticed Carlisle are at Plymouth on March 4 ... a big game too !
  9. Nice one Shatter .... Peter Nicholas And Kevin Nicolls for obvious reasons
  10. Hi all but mainly meant for Lake ... morning Steve, are you back for this one ? My train and County Hotel are booked.
  11. Alan McBain ... tough full back signed from Carlisle mid 60's Tom McKechnie ... inside forward ( remember them ) , Scottish and half decent. Can't think where he came from or went to. Alwyn McGuffie ... has anyone mentioned him yet ? Alex Malcolm ... young Scottish defender never quite made it.
  12. Well said Wolfy ! Kenny Dagleish was furious ... ha bloody ha !
  13. I played at Old Trafford 18 months ago in a charity game, the pitch is half grassand half plastic ! The call moved so fast off the surface it's untrue, so respect to the MU players.
  14. Ron Baynham also had a few games at centre forward
  15. Let's not forget Roland Legate, late 50's