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Stockport Hatter

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  1. On the bench at Wembley for Bratford
  2. Alan Rivers, reserve centre half in mid 60's
  3. As mentioned before ... has anyone seem a play back of Justin's tackle that led to the pen ? Ok I was at the other end but looked like the Blackpool player made a meal of it.
  4. About right Steve, my first sighting of Moore and he looks good I'd say. Was Hylton fit, just wasn't his usual performance at all.
  5. Thanks Al, well the trip to Blackpool will boost this seasons away figure a little. Appreciate your help ! COYH
  6. I think this May of been posted already but can't remember the numbers .... what was our average away following / highest and lowest etc.
  7. He's going, even though it looks like he's put on a couple of lbs. good luck to Tranmere, they're a football league team !
  8. Jeez this loss of friends of LT doesn't stop, or maybe it's me getting bloody old ! Lets get ourselves promoted in recognition of our recent losses.
  9. Ex Hatter David Bell named as new manager of Corby Town yesterday.
  10. Oh dear, poor boy, never mind ! ha ha ha ha
  11. Oh yea Dave from Downs Road , goes to the snooker, where's a Luton shirt ..... nah don't know him
  12. Full marks to the Cov fan at the Crucible... different Cov shirts from down the years everyday! Hes been going for a few years now too .. well done mate !
  13. Saddlebow Road surely ? Terry Betty, Simmo (Rip) , Gagen, Turner, Cole, Michael Lee .... the 70's were great speedway days !
  14. Well said Steve, I hate the Premier ! See you in the Romper again soon!
  15. I'm off to Belle Vue v Poole tomorrow, Any other 262's are/ have been fans of speedway ?

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