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  1. Colchester 2 Luton 1 Hylton / Vassell / Pyke / (Marriott)
  2. As posted elsewhere: It's nothing that 8 straight wins won't put right! Seriously, the most frustrating thing this season is the lack of real quality in this League, and if we don't get promoted at the end of the season we will look at ourselves and say great chance missed. I've only missed 7 or 8 home and away all season in all competitions and boy is this an average League this year, only Pompey (H) did a real number on us and looked a class outfit, but then again at their place they again looked bang average to me. For me that's why this season is so frustrating these last few matches but you've got to Keep The Faith, who knows what might happen. So we go again on Saturday at Colchester and that will be the final ground in this League that I've yet to see LTFC play at, so for that reason alone I'm really looking forward to getting a full house. We've got a minibus and driver lined up because of the rail situation. See you at the bar, somewhere
  3. Had a sneaky feeling that Palmer would start this one.
  4. Cheeky 4-3-3- I reckon
  5. No seriously, Newport today appointed Lennie Lawrence (87) as a First Team Management Consultant (me either), yikes! Link here:
  6. Spotted Donbass had done one earlier Lake, so didn't bother (lightweight I know).
  7. Newport 1 Luton 1 Hylton / Vassell / Rigg / (Marriott)
  8. Luton 1 Exeter 1 Hylton / Marriott / Reid / (Vassell)
  9. Right here we go again, another one in the "it'll be a really good one to win" category, must win, still not in my view, but we need to rediscover our cutting edge that's for sure. I thought v Carlisle we were by far the better team,but then again how much did their goalie have to do, very little tbh. We got ourselves in some brilliant positions but the end game decision making was poor to say the least. See you at the bar, as per usual. Keep The Faith! Cheers Ironman
  10. Carlisle 1 Luton 0 Hylton / Vassell / Ibehre / (Marriott)
  11. Luton 1 Stevenage 1 Hylton / Vassell / Godden / (Marriott)
  12. Right I've got a busy time between now and kick-off so I'll pop this up now. What a time we had last weekend in Weymouth/Yeovil, I literally didn't stop laughing from dawn til midnight 'twas one absolutely brilliant day out, and a great result to boot. As I work in Stevenage most days, this will be a really good one to win, although in saying that there aren't many of their fans here really. Is it "must win", not at all, not even close at the moment I'd say, but if we did, then wow, what a kick start to a big week it would be. Excited, muchly, see you at the bar. Cheers Ironman
  13. great spot!
  14. Never did see LTFCMick in there come to think of it...
  15. Yep defo the Rat Race, as shatter says one of the quirkiest bars you will ever find. Here's a few pics