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  1. Luton 2 Notts County 0 Hylton / Vassell / Stead / (Ameobi)
  2. Right off we go again, time for us to get on the front foot a bit more at home, be a bit sharper in and around the box. 3 points should pretty much guarantee play-offs I guess. Home win. See you at the bar.
  3. Bill - how do you know that Ray hasn't booked a cheeky 11.00 am service and is then hotfooting it to Kenilworth Road for the match - has been done before Have a great day Ray and Glen, many congratulations
  4. Mansfield 2 Luton 1 Green - Mansfield / Hylton / Vassell / (Marriott) Ps can someone pop up a match thread as I'm away with virtually no internet coverage, ta!
  5. nice one shatter
  6. Luton 3 Orient 0 Hylton / Pelly / Vassell / (Marriott)
  7. Never know your luck mate...
  8. Well it's been a bit of a rollercoaster since Yeovil (A) hasn't it, some good (Blackpool), some bad (Stevenage) and some downright ugly (Colchester), but we're still right in there in a fairly decent place, in fact where 20 other clubs in this League would love to be. I'm expecting a hatful on Friday after we got out of jail somewhat against Barnet, great day/night out btw, epic stuff Do we play Hylton, or try and get him booked, Palmer can't play so Hylton will have to play I guess. I have to say Moore was excellent on Saturday, made two top draw saves. Win again and let's see what the table looks like. See you at the bar Cheers Ironman
  9. Cambridge are definitely a dark horse Bill, it wouldn't surprise me at all if they make it.
  10. Here you go, Sunday/Thursday/Sunday, all in the diary :
  11. Good man Lake, I'd expect no less of you
  12. I'll be running round the Brickies with my Bobberman Champions League trophy mate, expecting it to be a big one, like the real thing obvs
  13. Finally got home at 2.00 am Sunday morning after visiting more than a few of London's finest fleshpots, epic day/night out, can't remember anything of the match, what did I miss
  14. That sounds nice, maybe catch up with you next week for the Orient match
  15. Cheers mate, you giving this one a miss?

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