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  1. You'd better let Lincoln's management team know. Green and Palmer signed yesterday with Rhead already there - I wonder what style those delicate flowers will be playing in L2 next season.
  2. When you do find the time, have a close look at the midfield as this is where our players lose out in the physicality and, too often, pace battles. Yes, one of the three promoted teams, Doncaster, wasn't based upon having 6'+ players at both ends of the pitch but their approach to the games was Keeganesque in that they'd simply try to score more than their opposition. Fine is your players are au fait with the system being demanded by the management but a struggle if the system is new to the majority of players. They were also a team that came down from L1 so had a higher quality squad than most in L2. The other two automatically promoted clubs recruited tall defenders and had the height and experience advantage over most others including us. When we faced teams of a similar physical stature to ourselves last term, it was down to whether the opposition wanted to try to outplay us (bad choice) or just be spoilers by getting into our faces very quickly and shutting down our options ... plus the willingness to put (and sometimes leave) a boot in when necessary. Many opposition teams weren't concerned by giving us free kicks in midfield that allowed us to plant a ball into their penalty area as they knew we posed little threat. Compare that to our manager's rants at our own players for donating midfield free kicks and chances for the ball to be delivered into our box. JS had exactly the same mantra a high proportion of goals come from set pieces in this league. As for your comment about signing slow-turning, 20 stone players, I'll treat that with the respect it fully deserves. Just because Plymouth and Portsmouth's defenders were tall and strong, it doesn't mean that they fit your description of our ex-player. Apart from anything else, they had fitness and pace - qualities possessed by Scott Cuthbert, but he is our only real 'heading' defender ... if you've not noticed, he ain't 20 stone, but neither can he be expected to win every high ball into our box on his own. Sheehan can't command an aerial battle from a standing jump but the defence, as a unit, wouldn't be defending so many punts and/or crosses if our midfield were more dominant.
  3. Yeah, now that would be nice ... thought for the day. However, our Barcelona wannabes don't quite have the same abilities as the originals to pass the ball as accurately, to change the tempo at the flick of a switch, to move instinctively into spaces or possess the individual skill to open up many well organised L2 defensive units. Watching us try to play pretty possession football vs Crawley, Colchester (twice) and Cheltenham strongly suggested that those particular tactics will probably have limited success at this level. Good to see that NJ recognises that his players are not Barcelona standard: "Every single one of them has a deficiency of some sort, and that's why they're here, not at Barcelona. Messi doesn't have too many deficiencies, and that's why he's there." Knowing that, maybe trying to mimic Barcelona against bruising L2 out-house sized opposition players isn't the best approach ... maybe.
  4. Agree with most of that, Wimbo, but it needs the team and/or management to appreciate that they need to start each half with a high level of energy and purpose to make sure the fans are fully behind them. Too many times, whether at the start of the match or the second half, we looked second best in thought, in effort and in application and it took too long for the crowd to get properly involved and become our twelfth man ... or eleventh if Cook was playing! NJ tapped into this 12th man energy when he took JS's squad by the scruff of the neck and made them fighters for the second half of the 15/16 season: the game at Leyton Orient will stick in my memory for a long time but the support that day, despite being good already, was well and truly ignited by Mitchell claiming the cross that laid out their player! One incident that got the adrenaline pumping and belief bouncing and it seemed to give our players (CMS in particular) extra surge of energy for the whole match. Luton fans can be more vociferous than many others IF the team give them something to believe in. Unfortunately, some of last season's displays were relatively weak IMO from the start as we tried to play pedestrian possession football a la Barcelona - usually across the field in front of two or three banks of opposition players and it serves to stifle the crowd's interest and interaction. The crowd need to see that our players 'want it' as much as the opposition players - especially if there's a good chance the oppo's manager has given his team a real roasting at HT. The lethargic way we started the second half at Blackpool still annoys as much as it perplexes me - Blackpool were clearly going to come out after a rollicking and we simply weren't ready for what was about to hit us. Decent strike from Cullen but the build up from the the KO could have been so, so different. COYH
  5. Never mind AJ's answer, Pierre's arrival could release Donaghy to Man U.
  6. Ya never know but maybe this full back can launch the ball 40 yards from a throw-in. It would be nice to have that as an option instead of the 10-15 yards range that most of our current squad can manage. It seems to be a regular tactic for many (possibly a majority of) other teams in L2. Then all we need is someone like Olly Palmer as a target man to aim for. Hmmm, if only there was an Olly Palmer type player available. Anywaysup, when's the announcement that we've signed Aaron Pierre?
  7. I hope not, Lake, but remain to be convinced that there's not more to the Leicester game than it just being a PSF ... ya gotta love conspiracy theories! Given his L2 experience at Exeter, it would surprise me if Stacey came to KR to pick up splinters. IF JJ stays (even if it's on loan from Leicester!!) then we all know he is versatile enough to play at LB leaving Stacey as RB. Potts could then move inside to become LCB in a back three - Potts is good in the air and would, IMO, be an improvement on Sheehan if it came down to defending against an aerial bombardment ... but I guess I'm only saying that because I want extra height and heading ability in our back line. With regard to Stacey I noted NJ's comment, "He fits the profile of what we want from an attacking full-back." Does that mean the diamond is back or just that we'll be using wing backs within a midfield 5?
  8. Box-to box midfielder with technical ability ... and height. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Bostock Played against us in the friendly vs Royal Antwerp and was way above the level of the rest of that team. TBH, I've kept my eye on him since that match as he strolled through the game but was let down by the others. Moved into French second division with RC Lens following a move within Belgium. Very good assist and scoring record wherever he's played but he's contracted until 2018. We probably won't have much money left from the McGeehan deal after splashing out on James Collins or A.N.Other proven striker. Bostock in a straight swap for JoCo would work for me!
  9. Just looking through Wimbo's list, the one thing that strikes me is that we only have two players with genuine pace that can take them away from challenges and/or create space: Vassell and Gambin (not that Gambin was given many chances to show it last term). Marriott and JJ are very close to regularly matching most of their markers/opponents but too many, IMO, are slower without the ball giving chase to opposition players with the ball. When I see our engine room contenders, it's not massively surprising that other teams turn us on our heels too easily as they break towards our goal. The only way to answer that is for them to sit deeper but that only invites the opposition to attack us by utilising the extra midfield space. Maybe I only see it that way because of NJ's preferred diamond and I've been brainwashed into believing that it will continue into next season! Thinking about teams that have been promoted whilst we've been in L2, I see worrying shortages in our defence (physicality) and midfield (mobility). There's plenty of time until the loan window closes at the end of August if the right permanent signings don't materialise ... although I'm sure there's a plethora of signings in the offing that will (at least) match the quality of last summer's. Having seen the comment that NJ will be looking for a replacement for McG, I do recall him stating last season that he had four (now three) no. 10 contenders for one place. If that's the case then why would he be looking for a direct replacement? With McCormack's acquisition, subject to his availability, of course, I don't think the no. 10 role is the midfield's weakness: it's the lack of a true box-to-boxer. Maybe D'Ath can play that more central role as I recall he was quite effective playing it against us for Northampton. I haven't seen enough of Bakinson to know if he could play there, let alone if he's ready for it. Could Marriott adapt to the no. 10 role? That's no. 10 at Luton, not Posh! Whatever we get (with regards to the squad), I just hope the teams are selected on form with wingers playing wide roles and defensive midfielders not wasted down the flanks ... as if, eh? BTW, can anyone enlighten me as to Jack Senior's injury at the tail end of last season? Also, with regards to Wimbo's list, has Craig King re-signed yet?
  10. If Leicester have any U19s in that squad then maybe Luton should offer them £100K for whoever it is just to show how much of a p155 take their £400K offer is for a player destined to be a top ENGLISH player - important to stress the nationality in case league/cup/Champions League rules are ever imposed whereby a minimum number of home country players have to be played. Leicester's owners probably have £400K down the back of their sofa - it would take that plus whatever is in the safe behind the painting to prise JJ away.
  11. From the article: "On further additions in the coming days, Jones said: “We were hoping to get two done this week. “That doesn’t seem possible, so I think we can get one done this week, and then we’re just really looking to improve certain areas. “If something happens and someone becomes available, a real good player, then we’ll go for it." My translation of that lot: "On further additions in the coming days, Jones said: “We were hoping to get two done this week. “That doesn’t seem possible, so I think we can get one done this week," "We've missed out on a targeted player and haven't got any others lined up" "and then we’re just really looking to improve certain areas." "Anyone we sign will have to be better than the ones who failed miserably to understand how to play with and get the best out of JoCo" “If something happens and someone becomes available, a real good player, then we’ll go for it." "We're not expecting any decent players to unexpectedly come onto the market this far into the close season" Although we only just fell short of getting to the PO final, we were never worthy of an automatic promotion place when you compare our performances and (in)consistency with the three teams that pulled away from the rest to gain automatic promotion. Just how many additions we need depends upon where you perceive our weaknesses to lie. NJ certainly appears to have done a good job with the two signings so far but, if he doesn't think we need many more (if any) incoming players, then I can't help wondering why we didn't finished above 4th. Maybe their budget was greater than ours but Plymouth added 14 to and released 11 of the squad that, like us, failed in the POs from the previous season. I fully appreciate that their circumstances and requirements were probably different to ours but Derek Adams clearly identified what style of play and what types of players were needed to gain promotion from this particular division ... and it worked out for him. I just don't want to see Luton beaten next season on the basis that the other teams are physically larger, more robust with their challenges and have greater desire. Whilst this is NJ's opportunity to address (what I personally perceive as) our main weaknesses, I'm not convinced that our defensive back three will any different to that in the POs ... a back three that couldn't handle what Blackpool offered. I really hope I'm 100% wrong with that belief and that an incoming CB will be announced shortly. COYH
  12. Going there when the sun's out wouldn't make it a better experience. One thing that I have noticed with these fixtures is the drift away from the tradition that if you play a team midweek, the return fixture is also midweek. That doesn't apply to any midweek games this time - the return games are always on Saturdays. Also noticed that there is only one midweek game in the new year (excepting NYD and Easter Monday).
  13. I'd be more worried if he HASN'T been drinking and still came up with that parallel-universe utopian image. Mind you, it does sound better than an opening day fixture at Crawley or Newport.
  14. "When he was missing" clearly intimates neither of those two will start alongside McCormack. Given GS's comments about McCormack not playing all games, one or both of them may turn out to be as (or more) important as McCormack ... especially if we cannot gauge whether McCormack can manage 1 or 45 out of the 46 league matches. That's exactly why I commented the other day that NJ needs to sign another battle-hardened midfielder to cover McC's absences if he is going to be such a key player. Whilst I would have no issues with Pelly playing that central holding role, NJ clearly did have issues with it last season so stuck him out on either flank and lost his effectiveness.
  15. The cynic in me still says that we're playing a PSF vs Leicester PSF for a reason ... to me, that reason is JJ. Difficult to stack a host of add-ons to a transfer to a Premier League club as he can't really go much higher! Different with Andre moving to a Championship of Vardy to L1 club as there's always the chance they may move up yet again. Therefore bidding starts at £10m. Hylton to a L1 club with money - Pompey or Posh (they like to collect strikers for fun). Charlton are quite wealthy after selling Lookman to Everton. Hylton is not good enough for the Championship IMO but, then again, I said that about Tom Bambi-legs Elliott. Pelly to Middlesbrough - now managed by Monks who allegedly made a bid for Pelly whilst at Leeds. No prizes for guessing where Pelly played vs Leeds when he impressed Monk! McGeehan - Barnsley rumour still persists, which I find incredible considering he has been crocked all of this calendar year. Outside of those four, I cannot see any others commanding a worthwhile fee. Marriott would probably be in demand but cannot see big £ for him. I'd rather hold on to him and develop him further - after all, there will be a first team berth available when Hylton goes. Judging by this GS comment, there will be more announcements of incoming signings, which could indicate who may be exiting stage left: "You start taking to Nathan about football and nobody wants to have another conversation. You take a player to the Brache and start talking to them about where Luton will be in the future and they are sold." Unless, of course, GS only means McCormack and Stech were taken to the Brache.

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