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  1. After beating everton, its in our own hands. But sunderland beating hull could mean they play well against us this weekend. Squeeky bum time for me
  2. Happy birthday greeno
  3. Hi Mel, if you PM me your details I will pass them on for you.
  4. No that wouldn't have been him, Spikes name was Steve Pike. His wife rang me earlier to let me know, couldn't imagine how she is feeling right now, but to take the time to ring his friends during this tough time was really nice of her.
  5. i dont know what to say, im in shock Rip my friend
  6. We have now released the new theme for the site. This is in preparation of the new football features coming to Football262. Menu Location The biggest change is the location of the main menu. Before it was placed on the top of the site, whereas now it is placed alongside. This is so that we have the room to add the links for the new features without it being affected by the limits of the width of the page. Background Selecter One feature that you may like, is the ability to select one of a set custom background images to make the site that little more personal to you. You can do this by selecting the 'Paintbrush' icon at the top of the page in the user bar. This will then drop down to show you the options available. Social Links At the top of the page in the breadcrumb bar, you will notice quick links to our social media pages. Why not take a look, like, follow and share the pages. Footer We have also introduced a new footer section to the site. It also provides you with quick links along with useful links for your team. We hope you like the new theme, we feel it looks far better than the standard theme we had previously. If you do have any trouble using the site, please do get in touch using the 'contact us' link that can be found at the bottom of the page.
  7. We are currently in the process of building a new application for the site. This will replace the current Tables, Fixtures, Form Guide areas of the site. The Football Centre app is designed to allow you, the user to have access to a lot of football data here on site. Data such as fixtures/results, league tables, top scorers, match reports and much more. The reason for the new version of the application is that we have moved to a new data provider that provides far more information. Information that was not always possible to get from the old data provider due to their limits in accessing that information. The current plans that we are working on will provide: Competition Info: Fixtures Results Match Reports (seperate section) Tables Top Scorers Team Info Team Info Fixtures Results Match Reports (seperate section) Squad List Match Reports Overview Line Ups Events Commentaries Match Stats Head 2 Head Video Highlights Prediction League This will be based on the current Bobbermans League, but will be automated. Since the Bobbermans set up camp on 262, I have done what I can to help those running it with little programs to help make their life easier, such as the tables. The tables is done through a shared excel file, that the organiser can put in the details, the tables then auto calculates the players points, and re-orders. The organiser then copies the code on to this site to allow you to see the tables. By building it into the site, everything can be automated: (these are currently the ideas in place, and could be subject to change depending on if I can get them to work :P) Opening up matches for predicting (7 days before kick-off) Closing predictions (1 hour before kick-off) An entry form for predictions. To predict FT, HT, scorers (depending on what the organiser wants) Scorers will be selected from drop down lists of current players of the team. Looking into the option of live updates to how your doing during the game, with a live table of sorts. After the game has finished, all points will be counted automatically, and the tables updated accordingly. You as the user will be able to edit predictions up until the cut-off time. You will also be able to see a list of your past predictions of that season. As I make a start on the prediction league I may come up with some other ideas that may add more useful features. New Theme: Along with the new application, will be a new look to the site. This is to help with the new features, by providing a side menu rather than a top menu. The new theme will also allow you the user to select a background image from a set of predefined images to make the site that little more personal to you. As things stand: Currently the competitions area has been completed. Here are a few screenshots. Fixtures / Results Tables Teams
  8. Have spent today dealing with a few issues with the fixtures page along with designing the layout. Here is how it looks so far: The fixtures page will show a list of fixtures including games played today. For the purpose of testing, I have included fixtures from the past 2 days to see how FT scores appear. You can see above that full time scores stand out due to the red background colour, and live games stand out with the green background colour. All matches that haven't been played show their kick-off time.
  9. Have made a start on the competitions fixtures/results pages. It is still a bit primitive right now, but the first step is to set up the code to: Grab all the relevant matches for a competition (depending on fixtures or results) - DONE Order matches by Month and Date - DONE Get the front end to check if there are matches for each month and day, if so, they can then be shown - DONE Show the matches along with any info we think should be shown, such as score, status etc. - IN PROGRESS Create the design and layout of the page (the fiddly stuff) The screenshot is that of the fixtures screen, so it shows all future fixtures, including matches being played that day. Up to now we have got to the first stages of step 4. Next is to decide which data to include, currently only the team names are being shown. Once we have decided what data to include, we then move onto step 4 which is the overall design and layout of the page, which is what you guys will see as the end result.
  10. The data comes in differently with this new provider. So am not sure its possible without a hell of a lot of work, as the form is part of the tables data, rather than the current provider, which provides separate form data.
  11. The data is available, however as of yet I am unsure of how to go about getting them fit in. I could do separate tables for home and away. But home/away wouldn't include the recent form. Looking at it, I could ift it in for viewing on the full screen version, but the data would be hidden on smaller screens as they just wouldn't fit.
  12. The tables have been done for the new layout: and here is how it looks on different devices. (click to enlarge)
  13. Been pretty busy today, started out by realising the setup I had shown above wasn't going to work, so had to reorganise the menu system for the competition.After a few hours playing around with new ideas and figuring out the code needed, the menu was ready. I then made a start on the Teams List for each competition. Where the data is available from our provider, each team includes the club logo, the clubs stadium, coach, chairman and twitter account details. This will also link to the individual team information pages once they are complete too.
  14. With the development of the new football centre application for the site progressing, I have made some changes to how it will look to you guys to help make using it easier. To allow for this to happen the current theme is not going to work due to the limitations on the top menu bar. So we are going back to a design that we used on the old Sports262 site, with a side menu bar. This allows the menu to house more links that are going to be required for the new features. I also feel the new theme looks far better than the current, which is a look I haven't much liked due to it being the basic theme that comes with the software and just having a few colours changed. Please note the menu shown in the screenshot will be changed to better suit the needs of the site, rather than a lot of the more useless links currently shown. The new theme will also come with a background picker which provides you with a choice of up to 6 background pictures to choose from. All pictures will be football related, just have to purchase the rights to use them, that will all be done before the release of the new features and theme. On the current site, we provide simple additions such as the league table for your team, fixtures/results for your team and form guide. The new features will provide far more data, it will cover data for Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two, Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup, League Cup, League Trophy. If available each competition will show tables, fixtures/results, list of teams (linked to individual team pages), top scorers, video highlights. Here is the design for the competition page, no data is currently being shown as that is being worked on, but the design is there for the menu system for each competition. I have also had to re-write a fair bit of the code to work with the new design ideas, so far have got the competition, country, seasons, rounds, stages, teams, venues, players and standings data ready to start work on the designs for those pages.
  15. My type....and what type is that? That dont like people who purposely pick on small details just to get a rise out of people. If so you got me in one.

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