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    Steve was born in Doncaster on the 5th of April 1954. From a very early age he became a very keen Rovers fan and his love of the club never wavered throughout his life.He was a fan of many sports, with cricket and Formula One being at the forefront. Like all Yorkshiremen who liked cricket, Yorkshire CCC was a passion and he was incredibly proud when Joe Root was named as captain of England.His career was in the varied fields of Pharmaceuticals, Transportation and latterly as a Telecoms Engineer with BT until voluntary early retirement from industry in November of 2000. In November of 1985 Steve met his wife Nicky and they had a son Adam. After his retirement from industry in 2000, Steve and Nicky ran “The Courthouse” pub in Dudley which they did for two years. It is now apparent where Steve`s love and taste for real ale, fine wines and single malt scotch came from. The following years saw Steve designing and building PCs as well as doing PC repairs for friends and acquaintances. His IT knowledge was put to good use, helping set up 262 and its predecessor - his part in the board`s success cannot be overstated. He was active as a board moderator all through his illness up until a few days before he finally succumbed to it. If I were to use three words to describe Steve, it would be grit, wit and kindness - and he had all three in spades. To use Yorkshire parlance “Tha was a good `un owd lad” Steve is survived by his wife Nicky and son Adam. RIP Mate, we all miss you already.
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    I can only give my personal views of the meeting and everybody will have the opportunity of reading tomorrow's papers/blogs or listen to highlights on 3CR. MC for the evening was Justin Dealey the well known radio presenter from 3 Counties. I've got to say, he enhanced 3CR's reputation to the nth degree by his professional questioning techniques and the speed he picked up on points. On the top table were Tony Murray, Chairman of Luton Supporters Trust, Sian Timoney, Deputy Leader of Luton Borough Council, Ken Ford, C&R, Gavin Shuker MP and Kelvin Hopkins MP. Each made an opening presentation and briefly Tony said he was born and bred in Luton, was proud of his local roots and community and welcomed the proposals for the new stadium coupled with criticism of C&R's past record and current attitude in the town. Sian told us how she and the Leader of the Council, Hazel Simmons thought that Power Court would benefit the town. Ken told us that it was a bad idea, didn't belong in a town centre location and told us what we actually needed. Both Gavin and Kelvin put their total support behind the stadium being built at Power Court. Gavin in particular gave a passionate presentation, I'm a Luton boy, I love my town and I will do everything possible to get it done. Many questions and opinions came from the floor, nearly all aimed at Ken Ford. He never budged from his counter proposals for an urban park. he conceded that it was very unusual for a company to put in planning applications on land they do not own, but he kept digging his hole. Highlight from the floor was when the microphone was given to Garry Sweet. Passion, yes, common sense, yes, and a total commitment to getting the job done. 'Ken if you were to offer us £100 million for Power Court we would not sell it to C&R', got the biggest cheer and applause of the night. Yes, Ken Ford was out on a limb, everybody in the hall was a Luton Fan, but he came with no real plans, he knows what he doesn't want but hasn't really a clue what he does want and not the remotest idea how to get there. At best he can delay the process and that is what he intends to do. What I took from the meeting, obviously the passion of the speakers but overall the absolute arrogance of Ken Ford and C&R with their belief that their vision of Luton is more valid and more beneficial for the town than the views of the population, the elected local councillors, the our two MP's
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    Excellent Steve. I thought I would add that Spike enjoyed the State of Origin Rugby League from Aust. (NSW v QLD). A three match series held each year. Games played starting at 1930 (7.30 pm) my time. He would ask me for the dates of the games and we would sit and chat via the shoutbox about the game - I am sure to the somewhat confusion/consternation of others on this forum who would rather talk football. We would also be chatting at funny hours (for him and/or me) during F1 races. And as others have acknowledged, he assisted me with computer problems many times. Every time we came to the UK, since 'knowing' him from this site, Zena and I caught up with him. The first time Zena and I met him, was with Curly in a pub in Hyde for a pre match drink. Zena dropped me off, but stayed for a drink, and then went back to the hotel before we went to the game. A couple of drinks at my hotel when Spike dropped me off after the game finished what was a fantastic evening. I am sure Zena will not mind me saying this, but after that first meeting, Zena commented 'I can see why they call him Spike'. Those of you who met him will realise where that came from! I laughed and pointed out his name was Stephen Pike - hence the S Pike. She was so embarrassed, and threatened me with serious bodily damage if I ever told anyone. But I thought it was lovely, naive, but totally understandable. I am sure she will not mind me sharing that anecdote. Subsequent visits allowed us to enjoy several lunches with Spike and Nicky - one especially memorable where we were joined by Lake and Lynne. It is so sad that lunches have such a short time span - although we did extend them a bit!!!! On our last visit, he and Nicky were holidaying in Cornwall, whilst we were in Devon. But we found a half way spot and had a fabulous time together. Not sure if Zena and I will get back to the UK, but if we do, we will miss that lunch. Our next visit (if it occurs) will be sadder because we won't be able to see him. As others have said, he was a real football supporter, a true Donny fan. As I had been born just outside of Doncaster, he and I had something in common. But our lunch conversations were not just about football (much to Zena and Nicky's delight!). We talked about the world, about politics, about life, all of us enjoying each other's company and the conversations. He was a true gentleman. Zena and I miss him already, and we will never forget a true friend. RIP Spike
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    A nice service, good turn out, Spike got the farewell he deserved.
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    We certainly do. I never met Spike but like many of us , I must have read hundreds of his 'shouts' and his chats on shoutbox. My favourite of his numerous contributions was his response on discovering Millwall being named Family Club of the Year - 'isn't that a bit like Harold Shipman being named Family Doctor of the year?' thanks for putting this piece together Steve and Dean.
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    FFS, that's what I call covering your arse. No it isn't. I agree though, you DO Al have a point in his 'He won't play in 46 games a season' bullshite spin. But Al ........Maybe you ARE being ungrateful? What GS is trying to explain (I DO get it) ........is that the club is in it's best financial position it's EVER been in ( most CERTAINLY since 2020 took over from the wreck in 2008). Even back in 2006 I know for a fact, we needed home gates of 16,000 to break even - when KR only held 10,000 odd as it still only does. While that figure today is much lower (I do not actually know what the break even figure is, but nowhere near 16,000). Of course it's frustrating we have 'only' had one promotion in those nine years, in those campaigns we finished in a lower league position following 6 of those 9 campaigns. But here's the crux of the matter. I would FAR prefer to have a club being run on a more stable footing financially as current ( we STILL lose money for every season spent at Kenilworth Road btw - it's only 2020's financial backers who consistently plough their money in) - than to spend money we have not got! - We simply cannot go back to the bad old days of financial mismanagement! I for one, do not ever want to see us return to those days again. If it means non success, so be it. We could always mismanage and be like Coventry, Blackpool or Leyton Orient ask their fans if they are grateful? The key to our future success is NEARLY all in place. The new training complex, the two planning applications. All we need is for them to be bloody approved! and THEN we can and WILL go places.............the consequences if they do not get approval - does not bear thinking about!
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    The bizarre thing was that Cook was no faster or determined with his supposed fresh legs than Lee. The one thing that NJ could guarantee by swapping Smudger for Lee was energy ("plus a yellow card" I hear someone yell!) but just when we needed the sub to do the chasing for one or two knackered team-mates in the dying minutes we had a player who barely musters a canter at the best of times. Cook's other game-changing contribution was a pathetically taken injury time corner. All the previous ones by Lee and Sheehan had caused havoc in the middle of their penalty box with us having as much chance of heading it as they had (which is highly unlike us). But Cook's corner barely reached the front of the six yard box and the oh-so easy headed clearance allowed them to break to the other end and gain a corner. And that's the end where the ball stayed until it ended up in our net. From attack to defence in ten seconds courtesy of a sh1te set piece by a player who I seriously doubt will ever be accepted by the majority of the Luton faithful now. If nothing else, please, NJ, learn from YOUR OWN mistakes because they are plentiful but I don't get the impression that you accept and absorb some of them as being your responsibility. I fully expect you to make a multitude of mistakes as you're new to the role and haven't a CV as long as your arm to fall back on but when you try the same tactics and same personnel when it/they hasn't worked numerous previous occasions, why try them again? As Wimbo says, PH is only useful to NJ if he is contributing and advising - from the soundbites he has made in interviews I do wonder if modern football has left PH in its wake and would not be at all surprised if his input is minimal. IF PH is a 'yes' man and just runs with all of NJ's ideas then those game issues are solely down to NJ. ONE IS TOO MANY COOKS
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    I think our thanks must go to Sussex and Lake for all their hard work on our behalf.
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    A lovely surprise in the post today.A get well card from the club with signatures from the players and Nathan.Cheered me up know end.I certainly aim to get over this unearthly disease and get my ticket for the opening game in the new stadium.
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    Some great views and observations. Was there last night and couldn't believe what I was seeing when we started relatively poorly, then upped our game and then threw it all away. Strangely I felt a sense of relief when they scored in the dying seconds. I knew it was all over and now I could look forward to my "post match special". i won't comment on the game as it's obvious to all, but one thing I do want to mention is how frustrating Pelly is. When he is good he is good BUT when he is bad he is bloody awful. Unfortunately I have been seeing mostly awful from him this season. Is this because he is being played in the wrong position by NJ? Last night he could trap the ball further then I could kick it!! Some of you have commented that you hope NJ learns and changes tactics and approach etc. TBH I really don't see that he will. If he was going to he would have done it already - the diamond does not work - but he has persisted. Cook doesn't work, but he gets game time. We need a good perm keeper, but he hasn't seen that. His major flaw in my mind? Not being able to read a game and react accordingly - last night was a prime example - with Blackpool on the back foot, Bowyer brought on two players that started causing havoc and it was obvious we couldn't cope. NJ should have spotted that and reacted. He has no hope in getting anything from PH. Honestly the chap is a dinosaur - belonging to a bygone footballing era, when it was all about getting the ball "up top" as soon as possible. Honestly, listen to his post match interview away to Exeter - he says things like ".....headers.....we like players that can head the ball". Is he for real! So the biggest issue I see is NJ and his lack of nous and ability to react positively. I think we have a great set of players that if used in the right way and were playing to their strengths, we could go a long way. Some obvious gaps to fill. I am not advocating that NJ has to be let go, but he needs pressure and guidance from someone more helpful than PH to help get him there. He is learning and needs to grow in his role, but he needs more proactive mentors. I was at the away Colchester game and was sat in the corporate area with some U's friends of mine -alongside the dugout. The number of times NJ turned around to look at PH, in that "what going on" fashion, but all PH could do was sit there, in his slumber, shrugging his shoulders. Well there goes another season. There I was at the start away to Plymouth, with my lad, and we tonked the. 3-0, and I recall thinking "happy days are a coming" but sadly not. Not sure if I see any of you at Kenny, but I sit in Block D in the main stand. Usually with my lad, but sometimes my daughter joins us. Usually I'm making too much noise for which I apologise regularly to those sat around me. COYH!
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    I've never been able to understand this 'feeling out' process in home games. NJ often says that we will be patient, control the tempo and if it takes 85 minutes to break them down, so be it. It's a shame he wasn't around circa 1968. The Town used to absolutely tear into the opposition from the get-go with the result that several games were done and dusted before halftime. I think it was the era of Bruce Rioch, Alan Slough, Ray Whittaker et al, and I think that Alan Brown was the manager. Happy days.
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    The doubts that I have are that even if Jones does make more signings will they be able to function at their best within his system in the fourth tier of football? Yes, I am happy enough with the permanent goalkeeper and experienced midfield ball winner but they would have been welcome in January. I make no secret of the fact that I am becoming increasingly critical of Jones and that my opinion of his value to our club has drifted into negative territory and that was before he cocked up the last 15 minutes of the Blackpool 2nd leg. Now having said that, NJ is young and we are told learning, so to that end I relly hope he does learn and realised we are in the bottom league of the EFL and that we are not Barcelona. I totally agree with Proud in that I really fear our centre backs to once again struggle in the air, Cuthbert being the exception. Yet, I will be amazed if NJ even realises this let alone addresses the situation. Surely we would improve our top three chances in the coming season if we got in a powerful CB alongside Cuthbert whilst Famewo and Musonda mature. So, I really hope that NJ learns and offers us a more entertaining and successful season in terms of a top three place. If he has not learnt, then I fear we will see the continual selection of out of form favourites, the stubborn use of the square peg in round hole syndrome and frustratingly, other teams taking far too many points from us at the Kenny.
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    I was debating this very issue with a friend yesterday so feel the need to speak up. What I would suggest is that we have representative democracy (as opposed to direct democracy) for a very good reason - namely, because the average Joe can't be expected to become an expert on highly complex issues which often require degrees and doctorates to get a handle on. Hence our elected representatives should (although sadly sometimes - don't) - consult the civil service, scientists, lawyers, experts, etc. at their disposal (essentially, the relevant qualified professionals depending upon the subject/s in question) to make informed decisions. Direct democracy takes all that away and is hugely open to abuse. It becomes less about evidence and data, and more about who can produce the best propaganda, and win over the most voters - by any means necessary. This is why I'm against referendums in general. We have representative democracy for a reason - let's use it. Some argued that the subject of EU membership was too important to be decided by our representative system, but I would argue the exact opposite. Precisely because it's such a hugely complex and important issue, we shouldn't leave this to the so-called "will of the people", which is totally malleable and susceptible to propaganda, lies and misinformation. Did both sides spread misinformation in this referendum? Absolutely. Does that mean they were therefore "equally bad"? Of course not. It reminds me of those who claim that since neither Trump and Hillary were completely angelic, they were therefore both equally bad options. That doesn't follow at all. And I've seen far more concrete evidence of Leave lies than Remain lies. And those statements made by the Remain side that are labelled "lies" often amount to statements which have yet to be proved true OR false, rather than outright lies (e.g.: £350M a week for the NHS which is mathematically impossible since that isn't even the sum amount we pay to the EU per week). Anyway, so in summary: am I suggesting that the electorate are fallible human beings who can be swayed by propaganda and misinformation? Absolutely! Not because they're necessarily ignorant, but because they're human. And when we're talking about such a slim majority, you don't even need all 17.2 million people to be taken in by deceit, you just need a couple of percent. If you're honestly concerned with finding the best solution to a highly complex issue, you don't put it to a public referendum, reality TV style - you consult the qualified experts. If I have toothache, I don't put my dental dilemma to a public vote, I consult a qualified dentist. Can experts get things wrong sometimes? No doubt! But does that make their opinions worthless or only as valuable as a layman? No, and to assume so totally devalues education and knowledge. Anyway, rant over 😅
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    Listen, nobody was more frustrated than me at our season - especially the home performances (although we did actually win more home games - 16 (League & Cup) - as opposed to 12 (League & Cup) away. The fact that granted, we were never out of the top seven all season, that was countered by never winning games when it REALLY mattered - to try and reach the automatic places! Along with a dreadful March (Yeovil away apart, which just happened to be my favourite LTFC performance of the season) and the criminal way we blew a 3-1 lead with less than 15 mins remaining v Blackpool Play Off 2nd leg - bordered on utter depression. I've said this numerous times I LOVE Nathan's passion, but there is no doubt in my mind, he was partly to blame big time for us not going up. To have a player like Marriott, who was on fire in Hylton's suspended two games and then not bring him on to threaten a tiring Blackpool team (though we were even MORE tired) was insane IMO. There - Proof I am not totally Orange tinted and see no wrong in anything LTFC! I DO.............but there ARE good things about us too. We are not as bad as many paint us to be. Rant over.
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    Thank you for your kind words at spikes funeral Steve. For the record £130 was raised for Spikes favourite nature project. ( Tiger awareness ) A big thank you from Nicky and Adam for all donations. Nicky has admitted to being a closet luton fan now and will be annoying me regularly to remind me that Donny are once again a division above us. (Spikes Legacy). I think its fair to say that he has made a lasting impression on us all. But as he would say "Time to move on Curl". So be it ........
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    why did you call your son Strangly?
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    Twenty years since Crewe but nothing much has changed. We really do know how to throw away a lead in the playoffs. In twelve playoff matches, we've lead nine of them (Crewe x2, Wrexham x4, York x1, Blackpool x2) yet we only have three wins to show for it, and have still only managed to beat Wrexham. My opinion won't change. We either romp it or we don't go up.
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    If he wants to go, he wants to go. If he goes then it shows he's not the man he says he is.
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    I am pleased to announce that the Lansdowne Club have agreed to extend their sponsorship of our Bobberman League for the 2017/2018 season. On behalf of all the members of 262 I would like to offer our sincere thanks for this. We will also have new sponsorship next season for the Bobberman Cup. The sponsor has asked for it to be named the 'Spike Bobberman Cup'. This will be a permanent name as a tribute to Spike for all that he did to make the board a success To ensure maximum participation next season the Bobberman League scores will count also as Cup predictions for the first two rounds, TOGETHER WITH ATTENDANCE FIGURES, this will negate the need for replays. There will be a new organiser of the Cup for the new season to replace HatterSussex , many thanks HS for all your efforts. I will continue to sponsor the 262 Champions League competition next season , the responsibility for that comp will be announced shortly.
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    Hi Richard, fair and interesting points you make and in a dream world I suppose supporters want it all; great entertainment and success in terms of getting promoted. In reality, I suspect I suspect that given the “dogged determination route” that leads to a top three spot would be fully acceptable to the great majority of our fans and I would settle for that. Looking at last season's promoted three we have a real mixture of determination and entertainment. I would describe Doncaster as being very entertaining and trying to simply score more goals than the opposition. Plymouth as very functional to get the job done: I saw them three times including a win 1-0 at Cambridge and they were tough, dour but not entertaining & hell, did their fans moan about their team a lot in the Cambridge Blue pre-game. Portsmouth, according to their fans, had their best game of the season when they won at Luton, they really were good, yet at one time in the season, they were calling for manager Cook to be replaced. Given the choice, I would go for the Doncaster route but whichever; I honestly believe the Luton fans will get totally behind their side i.e. with entertainment of dull dour success where we grind out wins. Interestingly, there is sometimes talk on 262 of “the Luton way” and by that, I think they mean David Pleat’s style of total football which was good to watch and boy did we cling on at times: Man City! However, you could argue that the Luton way that delivered most success was the functional style of John Moore or the deep thinking tactical style of the late Ray Harford. As for me, no backbone and easily bought with success, I enjoyed it all. I think our crowd at Luton are far better than the “demanding success” sticker they sometimes carry. Give them entertainment and they will be fairly content, give them success and they will be totally behind the team. The travelling supporters give immense support both in numbers and noise, so I think a fair bit of latent energy exists there.
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    A spokesman for Barnsley, a Mr B Johnson, has confirmed that the fee is £350,000,000 a week, and that every penny of it will go to LTFC. He's helpfully painted it on the side of their red coach so lots of people will see it.
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    Couldn't afford the Flamingo or Marquee with those live bands. Had to settle for the "Disco" in Wardour Street or the Scene near the Windmill. Le Discotheque or the Disco to us was I believe the original discotheque. High on purple hearts we would get the train to Soho and didn't get home till Sunday evening, coffee on Victoria Station at 5 am Sunday morning, then off to Petticoat lane to hang out. One of our number was no less than Shatters big bro. We even hitched to Manchester to go to the "Twisted Wheel" the famous R & B club later to become home of Northern Soul. Eat your heart out Big Al. That night we saw John Mayall and the Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce, later to become Cream with Ginger Baker. Also in the audience was a 20 year old Man U fan who had been that afternoon to Hillsboro to watch the FA Cup semi final between Man U and Leeds, he described a blood bath where Law had his shirt ripped from him by Jack Charlton. Oh yes that Man U fan was a comparatively unknown Rod Stewart. Not a lot of people know that.
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    Thank you all.Means so much!.Had positive news yesterday,so gonna keep in kicking C's butt as people keep telling me.
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    Well done to our under 20`s, they and Paul Simpson have done us proud. I know it`s not our team talk but it deserves to be here.
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    Next he'll be complaining about the corruption in the modern game.
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    Many thanks for the kind birthday wishes: as ever, there is so much more to 262 & supporting your team than simply watching the 90 minutes of play. Like all of us I have made many really good friends from taking part in this site; even when the football fails to impress, the banter and sense of belonging never fail. So whilst enjoying the summer break I am looking forward to the Hitchin friendly and a nice pint or two of McMullens ales pre-match before we start to roll again! As Ironman says, see you at the bar
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    I think we need an attacking defender who is capable of scoring 30 goals a season, can also spray it around in midfield on his way up front and handy at saving penalties.
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    A really enjoyable FA Cup final yesterday between two teams who actually went out to play: add in the bonus of a quality referee and you had a great game for the spectator. I really enjoyed the game which is a fairly rare thing to say for a cup final. Do take care Danny Hylton if you come up against this referee!
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    As long as I've got a hole in my @r$e Cuthbert is a centre back. Have you ever seen him play? He may have filled in at right back in the past but looked as ill at ease as a banker on a building site! He is a million miles off being the attacking full back that NJ keeps going on about. As for Sheehan, he takes free kicks well. As for this routine you peddle.....SERIOUSLY?
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    Well, Oddy, it's about opinions and I am giving my opinion based on a large number of games; granted that comes with whatever bias the individual viewer of a game may have but I generally find being at a game aids one in forming an opinion; youtube highlights can be a touch self-limiting by their very nature of being a couple of minutes of what actually happened compared to the full 90 minutes. In terms of a lower league, L2, defender Cuthbert is very effective in the air defending crosses into the box and has been that way ever since the arrival of Mitchell in the season before last: all IMO of course. Is he physical? Well, this is L2 so of course he is going to be physical and not a dainty chap like John Terry.
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    As in the past couple of years, a listing of our squad of first team players as it develops before the kick off in August. I have assumed that Famewo, Musonda and Bakinson will be seen as part of the first team squad within Nathan's numbers. Shortly on Whittlerhatter, I will update the pages for the 2017/18 season. I will keep this thread updated as a dynamic reference of our squad members. Goalkeepers: Marek Stech Craig King “The Outfield 20” Full Backs: 3 in number James Justin Dan Potts Jack Senior Centre Backs: 6 in number Scott Cuthbert Johnny Mullins Glen Rea Alan Sheehan Akin Famewo Frankie Musonda Midfield: 7 in number Jordan Cook Lawson D’Ath Luke Gambin Alan McCormack Olly Lee Pelly Ruddock Tyreeq Bakinson Strikers: 3 in number Danny Hylton Jack Marriott Isaac Vassell So Nathan’s slimmed-down squad with his desire to limit it to 20-22 outfield players contains 19 outfield players (includes the youngsters Bakinson, Famewo Musonda). Exclude from the above are Jonathan Smith, Jake Gray & Josh McQuoid.
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    They all "Talk the talk " some of them need to "Walk the walk" ! I'm getting slightly worried, the first friendly is now only 11 days away and all we hear is talk about some new signings for midfield...or does Potts fit that description ? Another big nasty central stopper please N.J. I think you have to deliver this season.
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    Looks likes Cam has just been asked if he's tried Watney's Red Barrel......
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    From the article: "On further additions in the coming days, Jones said: “We were hoping to get two done this week. “That doesn’t seem possible, so I think we can get one done this week, and then we’re just really looking to improve certain areas. “If something happens and someone becomes available, a real good player, then we’ll go for it." My translation of that lot: "On further additions in the coming days, Jones said: “We were hoping to get two done this week. “That doesn’t seem possible, so I think we can get one done this week," "We've missed out on a targeted player and haven't got any others lined up" "and then we’re just really looking to improve certain areas." "Anyone we sign will have to be better than the ones who failed miserably to understand how to play with and get the best out of JoCo" “If something happens and someone becomes available, a real good player, then we’ll go for it." "We're not expecting any decent players to unexpectedly come onto the market this far into the close season" Although we only just fell short of getting to the PO final, we were never worthy of an automatic promotion place when you compare our performances and (in)consistency with the three teams that pulled away from the rest to gain automatic promotion. Just how many additions we need depends upon where you perceive our weaknesses to lie. NJ certainly appears to have done a good job with the two signings so far but, if he doesn't think we need many more (if any) incoming players, then I can't help wondering why we didn't finished above 4th. Maybe their budget was greater than ours but Plymouth added 14 to and released 11 of the squad that, like us, failed in the POs from the previous season. I fully appreciate that their circumstances and requirements were probably different to ours but Derek Adams clearly identified what style of play and what types of players were needed to gain promotion from this particular division ... and it worked out for him. I just don't want to see Luton beaten next season on the basis that the other teams are physically larger, more robust with their challenges and have greater desire. Whilst this is NJ's opportunity to address (what I personally perceive as) our main weaknesses, I'm not convinced that our defensive back three will any different to that in the POs ... a back three that couldn't handle what Blackpool offered. I really hope I'm 100% wrong with that belief and that an incoming CB will be announced shortly. COYH
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    Yes, Wimbledon have progressed much faster than us, but I get the sense they're happy to have a club to support, probably resulting in far less pressure to succeed than we have. Bristol Rovers. Fair play to 'em. Done better than us. Deal with it. Burton spent (i think) six years L2 before everything was in place to get 2 promotions. Will we tolerate another three seasons? I wonder if their fans description the 5 non-promotions as 'shocking'. Trouble is, when someone from the club is interviewed, they have to say what we want to hear. Any fans reaction could be anything from complete confidence to outright cynicism. TBH, I am towards the cynical side. I read these interviews to glean a few facts, not be swept along in a wave of confidence. I think Sweet's strength is the amount of money he gets out of his investors and long may it continue. We don't really live in our means, we live in their means IMO. But I wouldn't swap GS with anyone. Certainly not the unambitious / incompetent / crooks we've had in the past.
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    As Wimbo says, there are/is some strange phrases/wording to the DS interview that cause a pause for thought. Why bother sign someone knowing he won't be available for the full season? If McCormack becomes such an important cog in the machine and the team/midfield shows a tangible improvement, then he needs to be on the park rather than sitting somewhere alongside me in the stands ... Nathan Doyle wasn't a lot of use in the stands as far as I remember! I hate to mention the name "Spiller" but I can't quite get it out of my head ATM. If our MD can make a statement like that then our manager really needs to recruit another (similar) midfielder just as cover - we certainly haven't that type of player already at the club, otherwise NJ wouldn't have felt the need to sign McCormack in the first place! I can see exactly what where both IKJP and lutonloyal are coming from and can empathise with both sides of the debate. Whilst I feel that we have 'wasted' many opportunities to progress on the park thanks to naive managerial appointments (Buckle, Brabin) I also feel proud that our board has fully backed the manager no matter how 'left-field' some their decisions were ... either at the time or in hindsight. That said, I can't help but feel pangs of envy that some clubs have progressed far more than we have in the same period. Let's face it, even leaving Bristol Rovers and AFCW out of our thoughts, we weren't that far off of Burton Albion a couple of seasons ago yet we are starting two divisions below them for a second time in August. Two divisions! Burton Albion! That comparison, to me, is as disappointing as any other that anyone may throw into the mix. We HAVE progressed massively off the pitch and we HAVE progressed on the pitch ... but the fact of the matter is that many other clubs have also progressed on the pitch and, in some cases, more than we have. And that's a ball-breaker for me! With the resources afforded to our management by our incredibly generous investors, the fact that we haven't been able to put the likes of Stevenage, Crawley, Accrington (to name but three) to the sword in important games is a big disappointment IMO. I'm not saying that we have a divine right to beat any of these teams but neither should we be the team regularly chasing games against them because we've allowed them to dominate. Quite why our players seem less motivated at the start of many games than those players from (supposedly) smaller clubs is something I really hope is addressed next season. GS's claim about us having a medical team and analysts to get the best out of the players didn't prove true at the end of last season. At the Meet the Manager evening, NJ was clearly convinced that Luton would be a major force and would have a massive advantage in the run-in: we would, supposedly, be fitter and sharper than other teams at the tail end of the season thanks to out analysts' due diligence about each players' physical condition. Unfortunately, I failed to see that alleged advantage, just at the time that Pompey and Plymouth stepped up their application. Performances vs Stevenage and Colchester only showed me tired/leggy players (physically) who were bereft (mentally) of ideas when they were just at the critical stage of the season. It's all about momentum from January onwards and the fact that we only managed three wins on the bounce with the last game of the season speaks volumes about why we came up short. As I say, I can clearly see our club's off-the-field progress and long term stability but cannot help feeling we, ourselves, messed up our opportunity to be starting next season in L1. We really need to make a good start to next season so that we are not playing catch-up - it's just too difficult to do i such a (traditionally) tight division ... hanging onto the coat-tails of teams that have a good August-November isn't something that comes easily to Luton Town. COYH. The hot weather and a certain amount of wine may have contributed to the above
  37. 4 likes
    Some people are just never satisfied. The cynic in me suggests the failings are what make some people happy. You know, the ones who say "I told you so". Me, I'm with you DIDV, steps in the right direction, with the odd set back! COYH!
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    Get Marvin on the bench in case we need a late winner again.
  39. 4 likes
    addressed and in between games can make a start on Power Court
  40. 4 likes
    Just delighted to have a forum of any sort! SO grateful to all who make it work. Happy either way, in other words!
  41. 4 likes
    I wonder how many businesses turned down the chance to sponsor the League Cup before they asked some firm from Thailand that no-one's heard of.
  42. 4 likes
    I didn't know you are unwell, best wishes and I hope all goes well. XX
  43. 4 likes
    If we've got £500K to spend on a L2 player whilst we are still a L2 club then we need to really consider the sanity of the person(s) pushing to make it happen. I could understand that level of investment if it was into an asset that is likely to increase in value to sell on ... at 26-27 years old and signed on a free from Shrewsbury, I can't see him being more valuable in a year or two. I repeat what I noted previously: IF (big "IF") we have made a ridiculously large bid then Danny must be on his way out. TBH, I cannot believe for one minute that NJ would pressurise the investors to spend that sort of cash on a single player knowing that amount would seriously address the more important underlying weaknesses in the team. How many times has NJ stated in various interviews that "we've got goals in our team?" If that's the case, why didn't we gain automatic promotion or even get to Wembley despite scoring five goals in the semi-final? The answer to that lies with our defensive abilities (or lack thereof) - that includes our defence and our defensive midfielder(s). NJ was at pains to say in one of his more recent interviews that lapses in concentration in defensive areas had been the team's problem last season. Nathan, if you really have £500K to splash, spend it on a goalkeeper and two or three players who can concentrate on defensive duties and run for 96 minutes per game. I'm not saying that we don't need a fourth striker to give us a plan B but that rumoured amount for Collins is concerning if true.
  44. 4 likes
    Thankfully we have most of the summer to get that Nathan stubborn feck up, at least partly out of our system before the 2017/2018 episode of project promotion commences. I say partly as I believe any such serial offences will in the future draw the criticism of even the happy clapper brigade so let’s hope that the self-administer of CPR shows he is actually capable of learning. If he eventually discovers the power of learning from his mistakes, then we may have a decent manager: if not then it’s back to the Gary Sweet recruitment tombola. What I would like to hear from NJ is just what the hell was going through his mind in the final stages of that Blackpool game? Just what effect did he expect Cook, a way out of form player returning from injury, to have on the outcome of the game. Just a little bit of honesty and ownership from Jones would at least gain him a degree more respect in my view.
  45. 4 likes
    I think the hymn goes 'Courage brothers, do not stumble, though the path be dark as night...? yes, a horrid end to the season so not surprising that even the most loyal of loyals are 'sick to the back teeth' - quote, my late father. ok, we've all moaned about the non midfield, and called for the signing of an experienced tough nut, so I think we should welcome the new acquisition as the dawn of a new approach by NJ - hard to fault this signing on paper so why try? welcome to McCormack, and I hope he adds the steel, grit and the odd stud to what should be the engine room of our team. add a really good goalie and we will be well in the way to league one COYH!! plus we've got the real ale trestle table at Exeter to look forward to again!!! 😋😋😋😋
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    I see no problem with bringing in an old head, some experience for a year or two, to help our relatively young squad get out of League 2. Too many times last season, they would switch off...I don't think this new signing will allow that to happen. Granted I wouldn't want our squad flooded with older players, but having someone who is not going to be bullied and knows the tricks of the trade will be great for the development of our players. I do agree though, we do need some more balance with players that are in the middle of their careers, although I would prefer a bit of experience between the sticks.
  47. 4 likes
    Congrats James, also a few thousand more on his valuation. http://www.lutontown.co.uk/news/article/2016-17/luton-town-football-sky-bet-league-two-james-justin-3727751.aspx
  48. 4 likes
    Well if they do I hope they appreciate the very fair parking fee.
  49. 4 likes
    The Luton Town section input by myself.. Interesting also to see how supporters of other clubs view their teams. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/may/29/league-two-fans-24-clubs-review-season-football-league
  50. 4 likes
    We deserved to be 2-1 up at half time, we deserved to be 3-2 down at full time, my opinion in a nutshell.

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