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    Hylton beating his man three times in the first minute lead to quite a lively start by us but not many chances created. I think their goal was from their first corner at a time when they'd done very little. Sort this out please Luton. The last twenty minutes proved you can defend them. Second half was a much better effort and but for some wastefulness with some headers, we'd have came home with three points. All Mansfield last fifteen minutes, the point keeps them at arms length. I don't want an Evans team in the playoffs. Barnet and Leyton Orient had been described as like pre season friendlies. No game against Mansfield or their pantomime dame hamming it up on the touchline could be described in the same way, so this was decent practice if we're in the playoffs. Barely 200 yards past junction13 on the way home and what my sat nav said would be a 3 minute hold up turned into a ninety minute one. Oh well. Still fourth. The table doesn't lie at this stage. We've not taken our opportunities to make it a four horse race for the automatic places, but we're the best of the rest and we'd all have taken 8 points from 4 games after Colchester. C'mon Luton.
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    The stats are complete rubbish. We were excellent today and could easily have got 5, with lots of attempts on goal. I noticed at half time that the BBC stats were as you quoted. I don't think they can have updated them for the second half. Possession wise, I would have thought we shaded it 52/48, which as everyone knows is an overwhelming majority for the Town😏
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    Not a bad performance 2nd half, Palmer had a terrific run and crossed the ball for Hylton who almost directed the ball into the net. Thought Potts had a good game looks a real inteligent footballer, went down with cramp near the end only to be expected after the small amount of match time he's had lately. The pen looked a bit soft but I was sitting at the opposite end from where it happened so will have to look at the replay. All in all happy with the point one win from the final three games should see us in the P/Offs. Unbeaten in four now with eight points from possible twelve, as I said before we are hard to beat so lets get practicing our penalties for the dreaded shoot outs!
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    If you're looking for something to brighten your day... JJ played for Gateshead against Noocassel U-23s on Tuesday. First game in two and a half years. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39446387
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    Well, our Nathan certainly has some work to do if we are to get anywhere near the playoff places; yesterday's first half performance was just shocking and probably the worst I have sat through since that dreadful effort at Bristol last season. However, down as we may be, let's not surrender just yet; we still have 21 points to play for. As usual, I have produced some match notes on: http://whittlerhatter.weebly.com
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    Well, a fine day out, the game preceded by a visit to the superb Railway Inn and the convivial company of Shatter, Greenwoman, Boston, hatterSW19, Wimbo and others. Another bumper away fan turnout- what tremendous support our team enjoys away from home. First half was a scrappy affair which Mansfield edged on effort and commitment - shouldn't someone have attempted to block the shot that was their goal? Some disgruntled fans at this point - why weren't our front players being supported when breaking forward or when in possession and surrounded by Evans' obedient, harrying Stags? A referee who appeared to be related to the aforementioned Evans wasn't helping either. Then, what appeared to be a dubious handball by Taft (he played against us for Burton) and the ref, who hadn't switched ends mentally, awarded us a massively chocolatey Easter Egg which Hylton snapped up - or rather sauntered up. Suddenly we were menacing and created a few half chances, but more importantly, controllled the game for a spell. Needing three points, Evans changed tactics and introduced more offensive players but we survived fairy comfortably. I was impressed with D'Ath and Potts, Palmer too after his introduction. Hylton looks exhausted and now needs a rest. Pelly also very muddly in thought and execution. Lee had another good game, but I do wish the whole team would give a collective impression of effort and commitment for the full 90mins rather than in patches. Am writing this in the midst of a Pompey Promotion Party, thinking it is not at all inconceivable that we could be having our own version in a few weeks time? COYH and all that
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    Don't know what some people expect but after last week's performance today was great. The whole team put in a great effort, so different to last week. Formation & line-up changed and we were on top from the start and stayed that way for most of the first half. Only the goals were missing and that was down to some fine goalkeeping. For a Div 4 match it provided wonderful entertainment. Although it could have finished about 4-3 we deserved the win anyway. B'pool got what they deserved for the blatant time wasting which ref did nothing about. But hey it's much easier to blame NJ or various individual players rather than hand out too much praise...as some like to do!
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    I have been having a read on the various Hatters bulletin sites and it’s a touch amusing that Macey’s return to Arsenal should cause such emotive, pessimistic postings especially when the majority of posters on the net seem to have concluded that he was not good enough anyway. I have been in a small minority from Macey's early days in that I reckon there is a decent keeper in that tall frame and given continuous development, I would welcome him as a permanent at Luton but that’s unlikely to happen. So, it’s probably the turn of Stuart Moore to take the gloves and I suspect we will see a more confident keeper there now that he has had a couple of months LTFC training under his belt working with our defenders. As far as ongoing goalkeeper strategy is concerned, I really hope Nathan learns a bit faster than he has in some rather stubborn areas of his approach and ditches the high-risk goalkeeper loan strategy. To Nathan’s credit he has brought in some quality loan keepers but he has now been bitten three times by the “loan dog”: Mitchell recalled by Derby, Walton recalled by Brighton and Macey recalled by Arsenal. I wonder if Nathan & Hart detect a pattern here?
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    As 0-0 draws go I was thinking that was a good one towards the end and then to cap the day the winner from the impressive Palmer. As other have said it was a great team performance full of energy with both sides having chances. This was the first time I had seen Macey and D`ath as players with us and what performances they gave us, two of Macey`s saves were (and I don`t use the term lightly) world class and kept us in the game. Pelly and Olly Lee deserve special mention also, alas as does O`Donnell for opposite reasons and who in my opinion is not on the hymn sheet, four crosses straight to their keeper and seven passes to the opposition whilst not even under pressure and the ironic cheers when he was substituted was telling as to the crowds feelings. More of the same at Barnet please (team wise). Cullen had a good game for them and it was good that when he was subbed he got a great reception from our fans and his reaction showed his appreciation.
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    I will say what everybody is hedging around Nathan and his management team have had a mare since the great win at Yeovil unnecessary changes for the following game and a confusion of tactics the players dont seem to know whether we are playing the passing game or long ball they look confused and dispirited. I dont think he has covered himself in glory since the transfer window opened a couple of the incoming are ok but do any of them really improve us which must dishearten certain players that were already here. Leaving out players completely for a few games then bringing them in expecting them to perform its no surprise when they look rusty. Its one thing playing in training games than battling league 2. Having said all this I think sticking with Nathan is the answer but perhaps a change in the coaching team might be needed in the summer.
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    Not quite sure who has lost their way the most: the manager, the coaching staff or the players. It was so utterly disjointed and so half-hearted that it's almost laughable that we are still clinging on to 4th spot. Are we really the fourth best team in this division? We sorely needed an 'enforcer' on the pitch to gee everybody up cos our more senior players (and captain) certainly didn't look like they were trying to zap any life or inspiration into their younger team-mates. The only time they seemed to communicate was when they were apportioning blame and pointing fingers at each other for the ever increasing number of mistakes. As for our players' movement, it was non-bloody-existent. When Gambin was being pursued by four Orient players at one point and being shepherded towards the sideline, not a single Luton player bothered to try to go and help him. One-for-all and all-for-one? I've seen better movement in junior football. One comment by a guy sitting near me as the match kicked off was that at least Orient were relatively small and wouldn't win many headers against our CBs - yet their forwards won a damned sight more meaningful headers than our forwards and the flicked on balls hurt us more than ours hurt them as their forwards were pacy and willing to chase anything and everything ... Marriott didn't make any of Hylton's handful of flick-ons at all. You have to believe that NJ will never ditch the diamond formation but the bottom team in the whole FL (by some margin) ran around our midfield simply by using the flanks. If they can do it with such consummate ease, WTF will PO teams do against us? Oh and by typing "PO", it assumes that we don't hit another patch of quicksand akin to that in March when draws and points were hard to come by, let alone wins - after today's 'performance' and last week's scrappy affair at Barnet, I'm more acutely aware that we have absolutely nothing sewn up.
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    I said at the end of the 2015-16 season that Jones should be given at least until the end of 2017-18 season to prove himself in his first managerial position (unless of course it turned into a real shipwreck), as I believed he had the potential to become a very good manager, and that he was a 'good fit' for the club and the philosophy/ambition of 2020. I still hold that view, despite the obvious frustrations this season so far at the team's inconsistency and his apparent stubbornness with playing systems and personnel. I'm sure I read somewhere that we have one of the youngest squads in L2, and the youngest out of the teams in the top half of the table, so hopefully we are building for the long-term, and if promotion isn't achieved this season then we can kick on and display the necessary improvement to achieve this next year.
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    We worked hard to carve out a win and can in fairness have Moore to thank for a couple of excellent saves that not only boosted his own confidence but also restored the fans faith after the Cheltenham nervous start. Please don't think we looked brilliant as we were certainly not but a win is a win and a very welcome one at that. Had Akinde been a better striker or at least on form, I doubt that we would have been talking about a win or maybe even discussing a draw. So we stumble on rather unconvincingly to what looks like a playoff place as the automatic promotion boat has sailed away without us on board. Thankfully our playoff place cause was helped by just about every result for other playoff hopefuls going in our direction. I wonder if Good Friday will bring a first of the season in terms of achieving three consecutive victories? As usual some match notes on: http://whittlerhatter.weebly.com
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    Very bad poem with possibly the worst final line ever penned... The sun shone, The fans sang, They missed Or were denied Then up sprang Olly A left foot drive it went in the net It's good to be alive (told you it was bad) Here's a pic to cheer you up even Moore (geddit?? - he made two great saves)
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    Well, I suppose that means recalling King from Southport and running with Stuart Moore on Saturday: let’s get behind the young keeper on Saturday at Barnet; no groans on the terrace, just support. This is certainly fast track learning for our Nathan and so cruel with Walton having been loaned out to Southend. No more goalkeeping Russian roulette Nathan, please.
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    I thought that the changes to formation and style paid off for the Hatters and we just looked so much more comfortable then we have looked in recent weeks. Ok, it was not an earth-shattering performance but nevertheless a great shift from the tatters of that first half effort at Colchester. So to my estimation, we need say 9 points from the remaining 6 games: can we do that? Well if the next 6 teams give Olly as much freedom as he was given yesterday then that would be a great help. I also like the look of D’Ath who was constantly in the game; if he plays and helps keep that midfield engine running then the others will surely benefit. Also, it was really nice to see our crowd applauding Mark Cullen as he was substituted. Mark appreciated the applause and returned likewise to all sides of the ground: nice and as it should be for our hero of the battle of Cambridge: doubt I will ever forget that goal celebration on that wonderful night. As usual, I have produced some match notes on: http://whittlerhatter.weebly.com
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    Did you spill your pint Dave? I thoroughly enjoyed the game, it had everything, tension, chances, saves (both ends), frustration, skills, thudding tackles, good passes ... less good passes and; that ending. Cracking afternoon's entertainment. Oh well.
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    Awfull first half big improvement second. I had to move twice because on both occasions had people doing a moaning running commentary behind me , first two moaning about how s-it Macey was and then how crap Pele was! And booing a team at halftime who have spent the season in the top six! On the bright side had a rather pleasant pre match drink at the "Home only"pub the Bricklayers near the station. And then on the shuttle bus had a conversation with a Colchester fan (a lady in her 70's) she told me how she hated their new stadium, and how they could possibly call it 'The Community Stadium' when it was nowhere near the community! Lets hope that if Power Court falls through we don't build a stadium like theirs out near a motorway junction! On our second half display I feel we were a tad unlucky not to get a draw, oh well Blackpool next, another form side to contend with. COYH!
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    Best wishes for the future for soon to be newlyweds Clappers and his lovely fiance Glen who tie the knot on Saturday. Have a great day mate and look forward to seeing you both again soon.
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    Will he be tinkering with the parachute as he goes down?
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    No I don't think so, we can still get behind the team even if we disagree with the selection and tactics. Criticism is different to not supporting your club fully.
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    Thanks very much LCH. I have an interlude lined up which I may add tomorrow about a typical Luton Street in 1891. It will be the first in a series on the People of Luton. I'm sure people will find it very interesting......I won't say any more at the moment.
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    All this nonsense about consolidating our position in div 2 really gets to me, while we've been consolidating our position in div 1 Bristol Rovers have been relegated to the conference bounced back and won promotion to div1, no consolidating for them. They are currently consolidating themselves in div 1 by being 4 points off the playoffs.
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    How I got home that day... Walk from Wembley to pub (Crock of Gold I think it was called) to tube, pausing occasionally to shout 'Yaargh' at passing Hatters fans. Tube journey to London Bridge spent in the company of Luton supporters I'd never seen before, in which we all decided Kevin Nicholls should be put on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square for that goal line clearance in the first half. Find out at London Bridge there were no more trains direct to Dover, had to change at Tonbridge. Got off at Tonbridge. No trains to Dover (From here on, people with limited knowledge of Sarf East Kent geography may need a map), only trains to Headcorn followed by bus to Ashford. Find bus to Headcorn, sit behind young woman. She's got a dog on a lead. Realise during journey that young woman with dog is getting agitated. Find out why. Dog has somehow managed to wrap its lead round the footrest under the seat so is slowly strangling himself every time he moves. Driver stops bus, but we can't get the dog free. Bloke on bus phones for fire brigade to free the dog, but doesn't know where we are so can't tell the controller where they need to go. Finally it's agreed that the fire brigade will meet the bus at Pluckley station. Bus driver drivers v--e---r---y--- s---l---o---w---l---y--- to Pluckley. Young woman is holding the front end of the dog, I'm lying on the floor of the bus holding the back (and less bitey in case it got frightened) end of the dog to stop it from moving and strangling itself even more. Dog is by now choking badly. Bus finally gets to Pluckley station. No sign of fire brigade. Take advantage of this break to have a rollup. Fire brigade turn up as soon as it's lit. Of course. Fire brigade cut off footrest and release dog. Dog celebrates by having a drink out of a fireman's helmet. Everyone is happy and we get back on the bus. Bus driver points out that the missing footrest means that the bus is no longer suitable to carry passengers and he should report it to his managers and wait for a replacement bus to be sent from Ashford. We persuade him that it'd be better for him to drive to Ashford and tell them in person. To be on the safe side, no-one sits on the seat with a missing footrest. Finally arrive at Ashford station. Young woman with dog has spent the journey from Pluckley apologising to everyone for the dog making us late. Find out the dog's called Max, tell her she should call it Mawhinney for being such an irritating snot. Train to Dover has just left Ashford. Wait fifty eight minutes for the next one, and get home six hours after the end of the game. Still worth it though.
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    One has to wonder Mick what else the pair of you ooze after drinking that stuff? No, perhaps you shouldn't tell us.
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    Road maps to L2 grounds PH74, yes I would happily settle for that as long as I stand some chance of seeing some entertaining football from my side, Luton. Promotion from this league and the next etc is simply not an imperative in my estimation; sooner or later the Peter Principle kicks. Simply I want to see entertaining football with players really committed to my club. If we really want to reach L1 and then maybe the championship, then each individual stage can be enhanced by running it like an important high-value project you would run in industry. When you reach that first target, let’s say L1 status, you then review the project team and almost certainly recruit again with people having the right skills for the next stage of the project, let’s say promotion from L1 to the championship. I see it like this: You assemble a team led by a project manager (not the Alan Sugar Apprentice type, that’s piss-up entertainment). We probably did this bit ok as NJ comes over with enormous enthusiasm and commitment plus sells ideas to the board and to be fair makes a great impact in his 21 games last season. You then appoint assistants with skills that really bring something to the table: ideally not cosy mates of the project manager, something I never allowed, but people of sufficient character to take ownership of tasks and when necessary have the balls to question the manager. I don’t know for sure but I suspect that this stage has failed at Luton based on what we have seen on the field. You then recruit a team of people with the relevant skills to see the project through: in this case footballers with a skill set, that enhances the chance of project promotion success. As I have said before, a combination of skilled players, physical street urchins and brave players with a touch of fire in their belly. We do have some of these: Hylton, can you get a braver player than Sheehan? Yet sadly not enough with the required skill set, therefore a fail in this section. And so importantly, you operate a risk log where you ask what could go wrong and how you mitigate that risk. I can only suggest a poor fail here based on the Russian roulette goalkeeping strategy, one centre back who can effectively dominate in the air and a gaping hole in the wasteland of midfield. Simple really, yet it seems that successful businessmen who pour their well-earned dosh into a club sadly leave sound business minds at the turnstile; doubt it will ever change.
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    Agree with all the above. Highlights for me :- - this was a team performance start to finish and we mixed it with a large physical side and out 'footballed' them - pleased for Potts who I have always rated - I think he shows patience and judgment - didn't panic after gifting them a goal - Pelly superb again, particularly after missing a chance - game was entertaining start to finish, great saves from Moore - best of all, can go into playoffs with a real chance of winning because WE ARE LUTON TOWN! ps the whole Hylton card thing mystifies me but he is so good. Just worry that his card form is on a par with every other aspect of his game - nightmare scenario being a send off in a play off semi or final, so please sort it Danny but of course, he won't!
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    So pleased to see so many players on song in a very entertaining game. We could have scored more but hey! who cares. We've made the playoffs and can rest Hylton in readiness - was that second yellow a ploy to achieve just that? I spoke to Simon post-game and the press boys were unsure that there was much contact on their GK for the first card but as with many of their team he went down as though poleaxed, only to re-surface unscathed moments later. As I've noted before, our singers and chanters really woke up as the action hotted up towards the end. I would particularly praise Cuthbert, D'Ath, Pelly and Moore but in reality we saw a gutsy team performance yesterday. Can we really go all the way? After the previous playoff disappointments, it would be so satisfying to make it count this time. Up the Hatters!
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    It dsoe'nt mettar how you sepll it as lnog as you can uednrsnatd waht is bineg siad.
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    I've corrected that for you shatter.
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    What do you mean "May is an opportunist" Steve, do you mean by calling this election, or do mean she's always been an opportunist? She has been clearly advised to call the election, just a couple of months ago she was adamant there was not going to be an election. Its obvious she doesn't want the worry of a General Election in 2020 with the final Brexit deal having just been finalised in 2019. With the slim majority of 12 or so that she has today, many of them Tory Remainers is hardly the hand she wants to go to Brussels with. Knowing that she has a flimsy majority Brussels will punish us and drive a hard bargain knowing the Remainers will shit themselves when it comes to the vote in Parliament, thats why she wants a large majority. I have NEVER voted Tory in my life but if I lived in a marginal seat I would. IMO traditional politics are suspended until we sort out the biggest issue for generations, the Brexit deal. The NHS, eduction and aged health care are very important but if we get a bad Brexit deal all those will suffer. Corbyn and the Labour party are going to ram those three issues down our throats at every opportunity totally ignoring the big picture. As for Tim Farron he is an unapologetic European and will not rest until he and the Liberals get the softest Brexit possible, even trying to reversing the referendum result if they can. Thankfully my forefathers can rest in their graves, I live in a solid Tory constituency, so I don't need to vote Tory. My other big worry is our lack of a mid field.
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    I've felt like jumping out of a plane during some of the journeys home after the games. Good luck to him.
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    Commanding enough to be an influence on the pitch and not invisible for the majority of the time!
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    I would have thought that NJ is still pretty much an unproven commodity until he manages to gain a promotion and then ensures stability/consolidation in the league above. Having been burnt by their appointment of Manchester United's academy coach I very much doubt if Wigan will go for anyone who doesn't have a CV with a half decent record in the FL - I would have thought someone like Alex Neil is the sort of managerial fit they need rather than Jones. Bearing in mind that one of their previous coaches was Uwe Rossler, who ain't doing too shabbily at Fleetwood ATM, Wigan now look like the sort of impatient ex-Premiership club who will hire and fire until they stumble upon a candidate who can make a go of it. Gary Caldwell was unproven but achieved a promotion after succeeding Malky Mackay but they soon got rid of him when they started struggling in the Championship. With regard to NJ leaving in a hurry and leaving Hart to conduct the post-match interviews, NJ looked like he was about to explode as he went down the tunnel - Lord knows what his normal blood pressure might be, let alone after that debacle! Then again, maybe he wanted to make sure Cook's injury could be cured by a faith healer so he doesn't have to get rid of the pre-printed teamsheets that already have Cook's name on. Let's face it, if NJ and PH are a pair then Wigan would have probably ditched NJ after listening to the thoughts and ramblings of PH after the Orient game. No wonder the players were slow to start the second half if PH had any input into the HT talk. Sorry to have a dig at him but how could he inspire a team who needed inspiring? When he arrived I thought NJ/PH was going to be 'bad cop/even badder cop' routine and really get the fires lit in the players' bellies. The only thing warm in their bellies after a PH speech would be the cup of Horlicks that accompanies it. JS was called a footballing dinosaur by some fans when he struggled to adapt his lifelong style to suit 'modern' tactics used by opposition managers - PH falls must be close to being in that same bracket. As NJ's assistant, PH should be challenging every idea that NJ has ... does anyone believe that actually happens? If it does then why do we persist with a narrow bloody diamond formation that has allowed so many points to slip away so feebly?
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    To mark our 132nd birthday I have added some items to my website http://thestrawplaiters.com To Onlooker an article entitled "It's in the net" - find out which Luton player was the first to hit the back of the net for the club. Thomas Nelson Hughes added to the Hall of Fame A short mention in WSC added to Testimonials in the Library.
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    Well Arsenal really do have a bit of a crisis; goalkeeping & results:
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    After another workmanlike (but hardly inspiring) performance, I'll gladly take those three points and bank them safely away. TBH, given the spluttering, stuttering season we've had, I cannot believe that we are currently 4th. Okay we've not really lost that many games but I can, just about, only name four or five matches where we turned up for the full 90 minutes and just one where we dominated the opposition for a majority of the match. It's not as though we haven't got the talent or ability - we showed what we are capable of vs Aston Villa, Leeds, (possibly Chesterfield) and Oxford. It just seems that we either play within ourselves or are wracked with nerves and tension in league games so much so that there is little fluidity. You could copy and paste many of NJ's post-match sentiments about issues as to why we have struggled in certain areas against certain types of teams. God/Allah help whoever the team is that has the misfortune to be our opposition on the day that we do 'click'. I just hope that we 'click' for the three games of the post-season. Overheard at Barnet before kick-off yesterday: "our ten game winning streak started last week". Even though I thought the delivery driver had lost NJ's order for a winning streak, I'll accept that! As an aside, I heard the Stevenage manager saying on 3CR that Colchester changed their set-up to face his team and it caught them cold from the start - that sounded very familiar! Maybe, just maybe, the Colchester manager is more tactically adept as NJ said a similar thing after we suffered a first half tonking. Similarly, Stevenage were killed off by HT. We could yet face Colchester in the POs so we have had due notice that they are likely to be very fast out of the blocks! At least they are unlikely to change their tactics against us for a second time, given how they carved us open at will.
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    WIMBO?...F*FS - when was the last time he bothered attending a game? (*F= Flip - I don't ever swear)
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    Hi Clappers, hope you're well. I wasn't aware of any forure surrounding the result and broadly, I agree with your sentiment. I think in fact, we were tied at half time, but that's by the by. We both got the result right at full time. I got an extra point for the correct score; Lapland got one for the scorer. No complaints from me. I think Sussex may have had a point in thinking that in the spirit of the competition, a correct final score should win. Were this to have beeen applied to the replay, I think it should only have been in the event of a tie. The player with the greater points has to win, of course you're right. No matter, Sussex has reverted to attendance as the settler. Good luck Lapland. I'll be happy to buy you a pint in the Brickies on trophy presentation day.
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    Unlike loads of people that predict, you won't ever hear from me bleating on about how seriously good I am in the art of predicting, which is why (Hattersussex) you or anyone else for that matter will never notice how talented I am, in fact I'd say the reason I'm so extremely popular as a Bobberman predictor is because of my low-key, modest self-effacing bashfulness.
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    Great to see JJ back, I'm sure we'll all remember his gut busting box to box run at Carrow Road...
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    NJ's selections recently and Our best 11 has improved greatly from last season. The trouble is our best 11 doesn't seem to match NJ's! Last May, I don't think there was a single position where I thought; 'that player will do for me going forward'. Cuthbert was lacking confidence. Pelly & Cam' form was erratic as they were moved around midfield. Sheehan looked OK but was sometimes bullied. Maybe Marriott's goal scoring boded well, assuming we'd sign a 'biggun' to play alongside. Despite the recent downturn in form, I would still say 7 or 8 players would do for me going forward (i.e. I don't believe we need to sign better in that role). The trouble is, NJ isn't always playing these players. GK - everyone was happy with Walton. I think Macey will improve (Walton was nervous with crosses early-on) but I think we'd all prefer Walton or Mitchell in nets. RB - Justin will do for me LB - Senior will do for me CB - Cuthbert will do for me CB - all of the others have disappointed at some point aerially or marking. Rea may well improve into this role. A month ago Rea would've done for me. Not sure now. Musonda and/or Fameno may be the answer but they need to be played alongside Cuthbert ASAP. DM - Pelly will do for me (although I think he would be even better in a 4-2-3-1 with a holding DM next to him) RCM/LCM - No-one has grabbed these positions and looked comfortable (Smith for a while). Same old, same old. Need proper midfield men in these positions. AM - Cam will do for me (goals), as would Gambin (skills). Gray may also grow into this role. S - Hylton will do for me S- Vassell will do for me (and will get better). Also like Palmer as plan B. Disappointed in Marriott. I thought he would be top scorer this season. His link up play with midfield and Hylton has mostly been disappointing (not just lack of goals). Vassell's hunger when played showed what had been missing. So, 7 players 'will do for me'. Would've been 8 with Walton (may still be with Macey). This compared to last season's 1, at best. The frustrating bit is us trying to play possession football without having midfielders who are comfortable in possession and the playing of under performing favourites at the expense of promising younger players.
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    The colour of the sky you ask Liz? Well, it’s obvious really as he has been greatly influenced by his hallucinatory tripping buddy Hart (I started referring to Hart as Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds after his post-match Exeter interview when he told the baffled and bemused travelling fans who was the most talented player at the club). Liz, the sky in marmalade: “Picture yourself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly it’s the midfielder with kaleidoscope eyes”… A copy of the video Nathan was referring to:
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    David Preece, oh for a David Preece. Mini was quality. Went with my mates to a Derby match at the 'allotment', a pretty grim night game. We ended up in the enclosure in front of the stand, the only people in there if I recall. At one point we fetched the ball for Mini and gave him some words of encouragement. Surprised to see Town supporters in that section of the ground, he smiled politely and asked "How the f*** did you lot get in there?"
  49. 4 likes
    Not three games, then?
  50. 4 likes
    I meant to say Good but since it is Mick maybe i got the spelling correct

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