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    Steve was born in Doncaster on the 5th of April 1954. From a very early age he became a very keen Rovers fan and his love of the club never wavered throughout his life.He was a fan of many sports, with cricket and Formula One being at the forefront. Like all Yorkshiremen who liked cricket, Yorkshire CCC was a passion and he was incredibly proud when Joe Root was named as captain of England.His career was in the varied fields of Pharmaceuticals, Transportation and latterly as a Telecoms Engineer with BT until voluntary early retirement from industry in November of 2000. In November of 1985 Steve met his wife Nicky and they had a son Adam. After his retirement from industry in 2000, Steve and Nicky ran “The Courthouse” pub in Dudley which they did for two years. It is now apparent where Steve`s love and taste for real ale, fine wines and single malt scotch came from. The following years saw Steve designing and building PCs as well as doing PC repairs for friends and acquaintances. His IT knowledge was put to good use, helping set up 262 and its predecessor - his part in the board`s success cannot be overstated. He was active as a board moderator all through his illness up until a few days before he finally succumbed to it. If I were to use three words to describe Steve, it would be grit, wit and kindness - and he had all three in spades. To use Yorkshire parlance “Tha was a good `un owd lad” Steve is survived by his wife Nicky and son Adam. RIP Mate, we all miss you already.
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    Excellent Steve. I thought I would add that Spike enjoyed the State of Origin Rugby League from Aust. (NSW v QLD). A three match series held each year. Games played starting at 1930 (7.30 pm) my time. He would ask me for the dates of the games and we would sit and chat via the shoutbox about the game - I am sure to the somewhat confusion/consternation of others on this forum who would rather talk football. We would also be chatting at funny hours (for him and/or me) during F1 races. And as others have acknowledged, he assisted me with computer problems many times. Every time we came to the UK, since 'knowing' him from this site, Zena and I caught up with him. The first time Zena and I met him, was with Curly in a pub in Hyde for a pre match drink. Zena dropped me off, but stayed for a drink, and then went back to the hotel before we went to the game. A couple of drinks at my hotel when Spike dropped me off after the game finished what was a fantastic evening. I am sure Zena will not mind me saying this, but after that first meeting, Zena commented 'I can see why they call him Spike'. Those of you who met him will realise where that came from! I laughed and pointed out his name was Stephen Pike - hence the S Pike. She was so embarrassed, and threatened me with serious bodily damage if I ever told anyone. But I thought it was lovely, naive, but totally understandable. I am sure she will not mind me sharing that anecdote. Subsequent visits allowed us to enjoy several lunches with Spike and Nicky - one especially memorable where we were joined by Lake and Lynne. It is so sad that lunches have such a short time span - although we did extend them a bit!!!! On our last visit, he and Nicky were holidaying in Cornwall, whilst we were in Devon. But we found a half way spot and had a fabulous time together. Not sure if Zena and I will get back to the UK, but if we do, we will miss that lunch. Our next visit (if it occurs) will be sadder because we won't be able to see him. As others have said, he was a real football supporter, a true Donny fan. As I had been born just outside of Doncaster, he and I had something in common. But our lunch conversations were not just about football (much to Zena and Nicky's delight!). We talked about the world, about politics, about life, all of us enjoying each other's company and the conversations. He was a true gentleman. Zena and I miss him already, and we will never forget a true friend. RIP Spike
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    Spike I will truly miss you. I enjoyed quite a few matches with you and Nicky and had some great nights out in that famous old night spot Dudley. Not to mention our visits to Wales to see the Red Kites and the time you took us all to the "House on the Piss" literally. I never went without a good old fashioned English breakfast all the times you put up with me, plus the seemingly endless supply of Guinness or Cider. You once tried to convert me to "real ale", well that my Friend was your only failure. I will miss our daily chats and texts throughout the cricket season and our shared Love of Our great Club YCCC. I thank you my Dear Friend for all the help and support you gave me when I needed it, You are indeed a Gentleman I will never forget. Rest In Peace Spike. Curly..... ... ...
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    Supporting Luton at (most) times is akin to banging your head against a wall: it only becomes enjoyable when it stops. Thank goodness this season is finally over! TBH, I haven't enjoyed much of it at all with minimal (if any) improvement on last season when Jones inherited and utilised JS's squad to better effect than he managed over a longer period with his own signings. Quite what that says for NJ or Mick Harford as chief recruiting officer is another issue, especially as, IMHO, the league this season has been even more open that the previous ones ... and I didn't particularly think they were that strong. Generally, this season has seen the wrong players in the wrong positions attempting to play the wrong tactics (for this level) and I felt that last night's game was a microcosm of our season whereby we give away a poor and preventable goal, are then forced chase the game to get back into it, manage to impose ourselves (just) enough to worry the opposition for a few minutes (but not for any sustained periods, mind) and then contrive to self-implode by virtue of (usually) small individual errors ... but make them in key parts of the pitch and, too often, at key times of the games. Whilst these individual errors are unavoidable at tier 4 level, it's massively disappointing that when we see similar errors from opposition teams, we very rarely seem to be able to capitalise and punish them the same way we suffer. Utterly bewildering that at 3-1 up and with a break down our left, Pelly and others decided to pass the ball around instead of getting into the area despite getting behind their RB. Two minutes later it was 3-2 and the twitching began as the belief was sucked out of the team (and fans) by Moore's poor judgement. The fact that, afterwards, both Sheehan and Cuthbert had easy 'out' balls to Moore when they were under pressure (and facing their own goal) but chose to completely ignored him said everything about their total lack of confidence in Moore. Aldred was dead on his feet for the last 20 minutes and the introduction of Marriott (to run at him) or Palmer (to compete for headers) was a badly missed trick IMO. How or why a returning-from-injury Cook even managed to enter the field of play when we had pace in Marriott or Gambin, or endeavour and tackling ability in Smudger as far, far better alternatives is a major concern to me. If NJ can only see Cook as the first substitution after the (quite frankly) pathetic season he has had then I do start to worry about our manager's lack of vision or lack of tactical nous. Let's face it, even the 3CR commentators were saying that the lack of physicality has been the downfall since last August ... August FFS! And it's not as though we haven't seen multiple comments on this forum saying exactly the same things. Our summer shopping list should comprise at least the following IMO: experienced GK, two tall/imposing CBs (one with a left foot!), a midfield general, a creative midfielder (Cooper at Crewe would tick this box) and a genuine target man. Using Vassell as a target for long-balls does my head in! He wins very few as he isn't the best at timing jumps (better than Piggott!) but, more to the point, he is running away from their goal to get a spring into his jumps so he's even further from the place on the pitch where he is likely to hurt the opposition. Let him play off the shoulder of a proper target man so he always faces the oppo's goal and utilise his God-given pace. One of the CBs or the midfield general will also be captain material - sorry, Cuthbert but you ain't a captain in my book! Worryingly, I heard a rumour on Tuesday from an Oxford fan that Hylton signed for Luton on the basis that, if we failed to gain promotion this season, he could talk to L1 clubs. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Hylton, Justin and McGeehan have played their last matches for the club ... I would think that Moore has as well. We haven't been good enough and haven't looked good enough. Dedicating half the season to a sodding diamond formation has been our main downfall IMO - the players looked uncomfortable playing it and SOD's admittance in a recent newspaper article that he's struggled with playing that system only confirmed that it's beyond the comprehension of players (and fans) at this level. I'll be frustrated, annoyed and disappointed if we revert to the diamond next season.
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    I was completely shocked and saddened to hear the news of his passing...at Blackpool whilst on the Adair Travel weekend taking in the Accrington Stanley game. Have just got home and this is my first opportunity to post ! I only met Spike on one occasion, at the Brickies...he came over as a very nice and agreeable bloke...he was here, on this site at the very beginning and has been fully committed to it's cause, through his tireless work as a moderator and friend of Luton Town F.C. He would go out of his way to supply links to various sporting events and always help with technical issues ! My condolences and prayers go out to his family at this sad time. Spike...Donny fan...Football fan...R.I.P.
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    I met Spike (and sometimes Nicky) here, there and everywhere - from Kidderminster to Chester to Shrewsbury to the Brickies. A proper football fan who'd travel in search of an interesting game. And such an interesting person to talk to. Love and condolences to Nicky for your huge loss. RIP Spike from your pin-up girl* *As in "Spike, can you pin my thread up, please..."
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    Yo, Madpig here. Me an' Spike didn't see eye to eye, but this is not right. He deserves better. I lost my wife ladt week, so I can say with some sincerity I know how you feel Mrs Pike and family. My heartfelt and deepeat sympathy to you all. Pete Battams
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    Both Dean and I are working on things to honour his memory and commitment to 262 and his friends which will be made public soon, thanks for your very appropriate comments.
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    The fans were absolutely fantastic at Blackpool yesterday...the noise was deafening at times...could not have done more to motivate the players ! I am totally gutted and so disappointed this morning...games are often won and lost in mini-seconds of action on the pitch, and as is often the case, for some reason, we always seem to be punished ! Once again the ref hardly gave us anything , and if penalties are going to be given for the holding and shoving of players in the general melee's that go on at corners or free-kicks, then we should be seeing at least 10 penalties every game !...what made it worse was the ridiculous free kick given against Justin, that lead to the penalty decision. The good tackle on a Blackpool player, and the ball spins off along the ground for Cullen to smash a wonder goal. you won't see a better strike anywhere in the World !...he will never score a better goal ! His first goal...the ball should never have got to him...how Lee failed to clear the ball or even touch it , is unbelievable ! So in no more than a few seconds of action and judgement , without the use of playbacks, we were done and dusted ! Having said all that...I thought that Cullen was the best footballer on the pitch...he found space ( which we made it fairly easy for him to do ) his passing and movement was superb and he scored a hat trick...It all seemed obvious to me , that he should have been marked much more closely, and that Pelly should have been employed in that role , in front of the two centre backs. What didn't we get in other mini-seconds of action ?...a possible red card for the player who caught Potts in the face ? ...2 reasonable penalty shouts turned down...one for handball , and another for a foul ? on Hylton...no...how many penalties have we been awarded this season...it would not surprise me if we have had the least number ! Chatting to a lovely policewoman and her male colleague on the way out...they had been drafted in from Blackburn...they said it was all to play for on Thursday night...and they wished us luck, and complimented our fans ! What do I want to see on Thursday...an even roll of the dice on refereeing decisions , or better still, a 100% homer !!! I hope that we go for it in a fully attacking mode...lets give it everything we can...If we go down with all guns blazing , I will have no quarrels. Whatever happens, I feel we have been totally outplayed by most teams in the midfield department all season...Horses for courses, we need to temper our younger players with a nasty barsteward midfield player who can win the ball and a couple of older experienced players who can add some savvy on the pitch ! Can we do it on Thursday ?..." It's a funny old game saint "...Who knows ?...but I'll be there "God willing"...It's what being a hatter, is all about !
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    Bobby Robson admitted that every now and again he would have to rip up the teamsheets and tactics that had evolved during a season when his teams hit any sticky patches. He would then revert to his very first (August) reckonings and, effectively, start afresh. To a certain extent, I feel that is where NJ is ATM - his tactics and utilisation of JS's squad after his appointment was truly bloody impressive (even if the home results were inconsistent) and I think most of us thought that he and the team would kick on from there once he made his own signings. By imposing his preferred academy (diamond) tactics he diminished our effectiveness in the most important department, midfield. Opposition midfields either ran around us and attacked our FBs for fun or, more simply, ran straight through the middle depending upon the width of the diamond, the personnel asked to play it and their respective comprehension of a system that hardly any English teams play well, even in the Premier League. Furthermore, by not seeming to want to sign physically large players for a division where 'large' is almost a prerequisite for half of the team, it made us more vulnerable to conceding from set pieces and less likely to threaten at our own. Unfortunately, it didn't usually take opposition managers too long to suss out where our weaknesses were and that was reflected in some (best forgotten) inglorious performances against clubs with fractions of our resources. Tinkering from week to week and seeming to try to squeeze certain favourites onto the teamsheets (fit or not sometimes) has, I believe, cost NJ a huge amount of respect from a large number of fans since last season's efforts. Was the loss of Kevin Nugent a big factor? Would he have been able to steer a novice manager in a better direction than Mr Hart? Who knows? After all, Nugent, himself, has had two or three jobs since he left, such are the demands of modern football. That same tinkering (even after decent victories) and stubbornness to play the dreaded diamond come-what-may also meant we never managed a decent run of victories until the last three games of the regular season, if three on-the-trot is a decent run anyway! In a league that was probably the weakest of the three seasons since we've been back in the FL, that doesn't represent much, if any, progress to me. The fact that we came up short in the POs against a very ordinary Blackpool outfit didn't surprise me one iota and I put much of that down to the fact that we haven't had a proper captain on the pitch all season long: someone who commands, organises, implements the manager's instructions and tactics but, above all else, has the ability to get those around him to play 5%-10% better just by his very presence. Have we actually progressed? The fact we finished higher up the table suggests that we have improved but I'd counter that with the fact that NJ had a whole season to get us there and not just four(?) months from a start point towards the back of the grid. I always thought football was a fairly simple game but frustration and head-scratching reached a new high for me this season! Just after NJ admitted that he had finally found a position where Pelly excels and didn't go to sleep because he was continually involved, he gets moved to play a wider role to allow Lee back into the team as a deep-sitting quarterback. This is the same Lee who was put on the naughty step by the manager for not showing up when games became physical. Pelly became a passenger in many of the more recent matches and his talents were mainly wasted IMHO. January signings Gambin and D'Ath were never used because Lee and Cook were great at training - well sod that! Surely it's what they do against opposition players in competitive matches that counts, isn't it? The fact that both of those two would have brought greater pace and effort and far more movement to the table seems irrelevant. Dissect the squad make-ups of those teams promoted from this league since we've been back and see if there's a common DNA for success: Burton, Shrewsbury, Bury, Southend, Northampton, Oxford, Bristol Rovers, AFCW, Portsmouth, Plymouth and Doncaster. After typing that list, it has struck me that none of those promoted have been relegated back to L2. Most of them (with the possible exception of Bristol Rovers) have unrecognisable squads from their L2 days, suggests that we need to recruit for THIS league to escape it and then start again when in L1. NJ has been at pains to say that we have a L1 squad - maybe we have, but that ain't a lot of good whilst we're in L2.
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    Please Nathan, look deep into your shortcomings and unsustainable favouritism and realise that Cook and Lee are never going to give committed and useful performances over a season. Cook, mostly totally invisible and Lee, acceptable when going forward but an absolute disaster when we are under the cosh. With these two in the team, at times it's like playing with 9 men. You said yourself that 'at last you had found a position for Pelly', most agreed with that, then you proceeded to play him anywhere but there, unbelievable. One would hope that Mullins will be moved on, a certainty if you analyze his contribution through the season. A massive mistake ditching Wilko and we need this type of replacement, big strong and a threat up the other end. And one must ask where does Sheehan fit in. Apart from dead balls, what else does he offer? There are better left backs already at the Club and as a partner for Cuthbert, forget it. The likes of Green, McQ, SOD and CMS futures are elsewhere. Gray has not done enough for me, but the jury is probably out and I would retain Smudger for another year down here in the basement, very useful for the bench and if needed to start, guaranteed commitment which if echoed by others would have resulted in promotion. Busy times ahead and probably a good job that all I can do is express an opinion.
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    Well Nathan, that was undoubtedly, categorically, absolutely, without exception, unconditionally, 100 per cent down to you . . . In my view, mistake number one was going with the same team that according to reports, apart from a brief spell, was outclassed in the away leg. And Nathan, again according to reports, you chose once again to ignore fatal mistakes made by a player who has made countless similar mistakes over the whole season. That's not entirely fair, we had a run where he wasn't selected. Mistake number two was your substitution policy. Lee off yes, but replaced with a player who hasn't played lately and even when fully fit and firing on all cylinders still looks like a shot of Redex, at best, or a decoke would benefit his performance. I know it's easy with hindsight, but haven't Gambin and Palmer proven with their cameo appearances that they pose a threat and Gambin in particular has more skill on the ball and poses more problems than Lee and Cook can only dream about. A good interview on 3CR with Gary Sweet, very positive and recognises the need for a number of additions to the squad, not so with Nathan's with platitudes about his excellent squad. If they were that good Nathan, we would be playing in League 1 next season. Finally, best bit being part of the 10,000 crowd. Kenilworth Road rocking. If you weren't there you missed a treat, unmatched since the minus thirty season. Roll on Hitchin and Bedford PSF games, the sun will be shining and we will be filled again with optimism, 'we're going to piss this league', God forbid.
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    Thanks for that Steve. After chatting with Nicky, who I think is being very brave about this, she has invited me up to Dudley on the Tuesday so we can go together with Adam to visit Spike in the Chappel of rest. I would like to thank all of you folk who have paid tribute to Spike on our site. Nicky has also expressed her thanks for all your kind words. Cheers. Curly...
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    Lovely obituary Lake Thank You. RIP Spike friend.
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    We certainly do. I never met Spike but like many of us , I must have read hundreds of his 'shouts' and his chats on shoutbox. My favourite of his numerous contributions was his response on discovering Millwall being named Family Club of the Year - 'isn't that a bit like Harold Shipman being named Family Doctor of the year?' thanks for putting this piece together Steve and Dean.
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    The bizarre thing was that Cook was no faster or determined with his supposed fresh legs than Lee. The one thing that NJ could guarantee by swapping Smudger for Lee was energy ("plus a yellow card" I hear someone yell!) but just when we needed the sub to do the chasing for one or two knackered team-mates in the dying minutes we had a player who barely musters a canter at the best of times. Cook's other game-changing contribution was a pathetically taken injury time corner. All the previous ones by Lee and Sheehan had caused havoc in the middle of their penalty box with us having as much chance of heading it as they had (which is highly unlike us). But Cook's corner barely reached the front of the six yard box and the oh-so easy headed clearance allowed them to break to the other end and gain a corner. And that's the end where the ball stayed until it ended up in our net. From attack to defence in ten seconds courtesy of a sh1te set piece by a player who I seriously doubt will ever be accepted by the majority of the Luton faithful now. If nothing else, please, NJ, learn from YOUR OWN mistakes because they are plentiful but I don't get the impression that you accept and absorb some of them as being your responsibility. I fully expect you to make a multitude of mistakes as you're new to the role and haven't a CV as long as your arm to fall back on but when you try the same tactics and same personnel when it/they hasn't worked numerous previous occasions, why try them again? As Wimbo says, PH is only useful to NJ if he is contributing and advising - from the soundbites he has made in interviews I do wonder if modern football has left PH in its wake and would not be at all surprised if his input is minimal. IF PH is a 'yes' man and just runs with all of NJ's ideas then those game issues are solely down to NJ. ONE IS TOO MANY COOKS
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    Thanks Alan. You beat me to a post on this event. Yes, a very enjoyable evening in the company of amiable Alan and the very well behaved Frankie and Luke. George has already gone to Uni in Texas, so I have an unsigned shirt, whereas Frankie added his complex signature to the shirt that Loyal has.. For those interested to know, it seems James Justin's injury appears to be ligament linked but Frankie thought he MAY be fit for the 2nd leg against Blackpool. Let's hope that is the case., but in the event of a good first leg result, he perhaps will not be risked. James went on stage to make a very eloquent speech and praised the outgoing youth coach for helping him develop so quickly. In fact I wished James had stood in for the compere who was continuously and unnecessarily asking all people on the tables to show their applause for literally anything happening during the evening. At one time I thought we were asked to imitate 'penguins in a zoo', although I use that phrase with a hint of sarcasm and not as disrespect to the attendees. At the final Questions and Answers session with the Management, Statto asked Paul Hart what he thought of Nathan Jones whilst they were at Brighton and much to the crowds amusement said he was impressed by Nathan and when questioned why, stated 'well he he was the only one who didn't claim his expenses'. Mick Harford was in good form and I understand will not be at Blackpool this weekend as will attend the Exeter v Carlisle match. Hope that is not a forlorn wasted trip and that we make it through to the Final play-off at Wembley. Good to know though that we are doing our homework. Finally, it would be amiss of me not to mention that I had the privilege of meeting Ironman and the legendary LTFC Mick who came over to our table. Mick had once again made the final of a competition where two current or ex LTFC players were highlighted on screen and we all had to guess who was the younger or older of the two shown. For the Final Mick had to go on the stage and I think the fact he did not win was merely down to the simple fact that no red carpet had been laid down and his mind was elsewhere during the "shoot-out" All is not lost as maybe the one at the Lansdowne will be ready for the Blackpool match. To Dawn, will hold the George Murray shirt for the time being, although will work out how to get it to you. I may be at the Away leg at Blackpool but not sure I can make the 2nd leg. Thanks for drawing out my name.
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    What shocking and very saddening news, I think it's fair to say he was the lynchpin of 262 and will certainly be missed. There was much more to Spike than many would know, he had it tough and I worry for his wife Nicky and son for whom I believe was their registered "carers". RIp Spike.
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    So sad, a dedicated servant to 262 and all the members. Spike will be sadly missed. Thanks for all the help over the years. I met Spike and his good lady once and offer my deepest sympathies to her and all their family.
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    Just read through the Outlaws tributes, clearly an unsung hero during the Jayten era. No football clubs need a Jayten but all football clubs need a Kev.
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    Wow, where have I been hiding? Thanks for posting this Lake, A fantastic tribute from Crumps to by all accounts a lovely man and a champion for whom all us Luton fans owe a debt of gratitude. I'm not sure if I've ever been in KC's company and until I read this tribute I'd certainly never heard of him - Such a shame that after all he has done he wasn't able to see us into our new home...Rest in peace KC.
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    IKJP's promotion team for 2017/18 season GK - Vacancy. Qualities required. Brave 6 yd box dominant , good shot stopper. RB- Justin LB- Potts CB- Cuthbert CB- Vacancy. Qualities required. 6ft+, dominant in the air, good reader of the game. Holding Mid- Sheehan. Rt Mid- Vacancy, Qualities required. hard working, brave, able to tackle and pass the ball, able to shoot on target from edge of box. (Basic midfield qualities) Lt Mid- Vacancy . Qualities required. see above. Attk Mid- McGeehan, purely on scoring record. Strk- Vassell. Strk- Hylton. Pie in the sky I know but if NJ thinks we'll get auto promotion with current squad, he'd better do a lot of praying.
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    Some great views and observations. Was there last night and couldn't believe what I was seeing when we started relatively poorly, then upped our game and then threw it all away. Strangely I felt a sense of relief when they scored in the dying seconds. I knew it was all over and now I could look forward to my "post match special". i won't comment on the game as it's obvious to all, but one thing I do want to mention is how frustrating Pelly is. When he is good he is good BUT when he is bad he is bloody awful. Unfortunately I have been seeing mostly awful from him this season. Is this because he is being played in the wrong position by NJ? Last night he could trap the ball further then I could kick it!! Some of you have commented that you hope NJ learns and changes tactics and approach etc. TBH I really don't see that he will. If he was going to he would have done it already - the diamond does not work - but he has persisted. Cook doesn't work, but he gets game time. We need a good perm keeper, but he hasn't seen that. His major flaw in my mind? Not being able to read a game and react accordingly - last night was a prime example - with Blackpool on the back foot, Bowyer brought on two players that started causing havoc and it was obvious we couldn't cope. NJ should have spotted that and reacted. He has no hope in getting anything from PH. Honestly the chap is a dinosaur - belonging to a bygone footballing era, when it was all about getting the ball "up top" as soon as possible. Honestly, listen to his post match interview away to Exeter - he says things like ".....headers.....we like players that can head the ball". Is he for real! So the biggest issue I see is NJ and his lack of nous and ability to react positively. I think we have a great set of players that if used in the right way and were playing to their strengths, we could go a long way. Some obvious gaps to fill. I am not advocating that NJ has to be let go, but he needs pressure and guidance from someone more helpful than PH to help get him there. He is learning and needs to grow in his role, but he needs more proactive mentors. I was at the away Colchester game and was sat in the corporate area with some U's friends of mine -alongside the dugout. The number of times NJ turned around to look at PH, in that "what going on" fashion, but all PH could do was sit there, in his slumber, shrugging his shoulders. Well there goes another season. There I was at the start away to Plymouth, with my lad, and we tonked the. 3-0, and I recall thinking "happy days are a coming" but sadly not. Not sure if I see any of you at Kenny, but I sit in Block D in the main stand. Usually with my lad, but sometimes my daughter joins us. Usually I'm making too much noise for which I apologise regularly to those sat around me. COYH!
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    I watched on TV via Now (thanks again, Bill, for the tip) and you get a very different sense of the game on TV to watching live. I like to watch the movement off the ball as well as on and you don't get that on TV. Therefore, whatever I write here might be wide of the mark; only those who went will know. The positives from the game is that both our goals were from Justin's crosses and he didn't do a lot wrong in defence, either, so fears after his injury last night were definitely unfounded and Potts is still improving with each game. The negatives were: Lee back to his best (worst) --invisible for much of the game and his lack of a tackle led to their first goal (I'm not blaming Moore as he's still young and has a lot to learn; D'Ath might as well not have been on the pitch and NJ doesn't seem to inspire his players, know his best team nor have an effective "Plan B" to implement during a game. Finally, though, and even more disturbing was Cuthbert's game. I am not a fan of his because I don't think he is commanding enough in defence and gets ragged if he doesn't have a keeper behind him whom he trusts. However, for most of this season he has been fairly solid and he's the best we've got. I know I don't see very well but is persistent shirt pulling part of Cuthbert's normal game? I would not have blamed the ref. if he's sent Cuthbert off yesterday and if I were Blackpool I'd gain a great deal of confidence from the fact Cuthbert can't defend without resorting to shirt pulling. We had begun to show some real improvement but that evaporated yesterday. So, if we are to triumph on Thursday we need, in my opinion, to move Pelly to defensive midfield and gamble with Marriott as an attacking midfield player with Vassell, Palmer and Hylton up front. We are not going to solve the defensive problems so we need to adopt an "attack is the best form of defence" tactic. Rant over.
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    Delightful evening spent in the company of Singapore Hatter and our Frankie Musonda, a very nice polite lad who was more than willing to join in with our conversations at the table. Alas, George Murray was not there as I understand he is now in the USA having been given a place at University over there. Luke Gambin was also with us on the table, along with his sponsors. Throughly enjoyed it (even on Orange & Lemonade) and many thanks to Sports 262 for being given the opportunity. SW19 I have Frankie's shirt and Singapore has George's. I'll bring it to the home 2nd leg Dawn rather than take it to Blackpool. Gareth Owen took a couple of pics which will no doubt follow when we receive them. Thanks again
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    Really sorry to hear of the loss of a true friend, after moving back to the UK after living in New Zealand for a couple of years we returned to live in Luton again, this time up in Stopsley only to find myself relocating opposite Brian and his family, which was to a hatter like me a dream come true. Over the following years I like to think we became not only neighbours but friends too, spent many hours in each others company listening to tales of the town and various other tales relating to football in general a sad day for me but i hope a good day for us to gain promotion via the Play- off's for Luton Town to honor this mans dediecation to his beloved LUTON TOWN. RIP Brian
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    Jeez this loss of friends of LT doesn't stop, or maybe it's me getting bloody old ! Lets get ourselves promoted in recognition of our recent losses.
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    Sitting here highly inebriated listening to Wayne Shorter, room going around, pictures of Spike in my head. Sometimes (most times) life is such a mystery to me.
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    Such very sad news the passing away of Spike. I enjoyed his company over a couple of beers on a few occasions I also enjoyed his sharp mind; there was a lot more to our Spike than just football and cricket. A grand guy who would take the time to help anyone: you will be greatly missed my friend.
  30. 6 likes
    Stunned and deeply saddened to hear this. I never met Spike, tried to at the Luton/Doncaster match this season but we couldn't find each other. I liked Spike's humour, admired his patience and understanding, not to mention wisdom. Had a few direct chats with him. Nice man. Thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family and friends.
  31. 6 likes
    I'm with Rutland on this one. No fiddling,rests or changes, we go all the way with Saturday's match day squad. I'd like to see Gambin in the team but equally, why change a winning side? Continiuity, Commitment and Someone else beats the Chaves = PROMOTION
  32. 6 likes
    I thought this was worth sharing, as it's from our 262-sponsored player. Not sure how to make it smaller, so I'm afraid you're stuck with it being absolutely massive!
  33. 5 likes
    Not upset, just irked somewhat. As recently as the 1st leg, Lee cost us 2 goals. Their 1st - basic clearance = no danger. If you want to be clever, then control and distribute. He tries to be clever but allows the ball under his foot causing havoc at the back. Their 2nd - brilliant strike by Cullen. Lee was marking him in the build but left him to drift inside meaning he was completely unhindered. If he left him to pick up someone he thought was more dangerous, no problem. If he'd knowingly passed him on to one of the defenders, no problem. However, he left him so could have a rest! He has done this many times. Tracks for a while then gives up when it gets a bit tough. No guts, no backbone, no iron-will to stop an opponent and no interest in doing his bit defensively. He is a reluctant defender, preferring to receive the ball in acres of space so he can look impressive on the ball. Unfortunately, as soon as he's closed down (opponents are awkward aren't they), he is clueless. This is not what we need for a DM. Even when he's pushed further up, he's just the sort of lightweight player a seasoned league 2 midfielder would love to dominate. I keep hearing he's a brilliant passer but he doesn't stand out in this area to my mind. Gambin's better for one. I don't see him creating 3 or 4 chances a game to warrant his lack of effort (could say the same of Cook). He's no McCourt! Perhaps I am slightly upset...
  34. 5 likes
    I agree totally with Liz on the cause of our failure being NJ; not bringing on Palmer or Marriott when we started being pushed back, particularly after Pelly spectacularly gifted them their second goal, with an attempt of passing the ball to waste time, myself and others around me could not make any sense of NJ's tactics at that point. In my mind he seemed to be holding off deploying them until extra time. Also there were a lot of anger at Pelly's lackadaisical way of playing from many people. We know we are weak at defending a lead at home and with that amazing crowd, pushing on for another goal or at least keeping the pressure on them would have made sense, what a wasted opportunity, very poor tactics from our manager. Why the only substitution was to replace one midfielder with another who had not played for several games, I cannot make sense of that decision, it had zero impact on the game. I had been in favour of keeping Moore but I think we do need a keeper who has more experience or basic ability. He doesn't command the box and not confident of catching and we need someone better. Macey was more capable, I know we cant afford Walton. I will say being part of that crowd was a privilege and highly enjoyable, only shame about the results. Bring on FGR
  35. 5 likes
    On the evidence from TV last night... Orange tinted glasses view:- We were hard done by...scored 2 great goals, should have had two penalties as well, Cullen's first goal was flukey and the second was a gift. Their penalty should not have been given because the free kick that led to the wrestling match should NEVER have been given. Ergo the correct score should have been Blackpool 2, Hatters 4...game over! More accurate view:- Blackpool edged it overall and had a great start to the second half, which we could and should have been ready for. (Gambin for D'Ath at half time?) Olly Lee did show some good touches and almost found an equaliser at the end - or a penalty at least...but that he owed us because he should have cut out the cross to Cullen EASILY with more focus. Our goals were excellent...but why did we fail to repeat that level of focus and intensity in the second half? Cuthbert was asking for trouble with the regular shirt- pulling etc...refs need to get a grip, and it is rife in the game...the ref wasn't all bad, but the free kick against JJ which led to the penalty was a joke, and Danny earned a penalty too. BUT we didn't deserve a draw or a win overall. I still reckon we'll win at the Kenny by at least two goals...orange specs back on!!! PS. If only Sheehan's amazing volley had swerved left by a foot or so!
  36. 5 likes
    Rousing stuff Sussex - you should be brought in to do the pre and halftime dressing room speech whilst J and H argue about what colour shin pads Lee and Cook should wear.
  37. 5 likes
    If it's as hot in Blackpool as it is here, then it's going to be a very hard and tough game on stamina? C'Mon Luton!!!!! We were best of the rest and the inform team coming into this......But as you know the form book goes out the window in these games. Hope the footballing Gods are smiling on us this year and we are destined for that Wembley win.
  38. 5 likes
    Glad you both had a good night out. A great end-of-season event for a couple of lucky sponsors. Well done SW19 for organising and Hatter28 for banking duties.
  39. 5 likes
    You can "un pin it" now lake...I've read it!
  40. 5 likes
    If he wants to go, he wants to go. If he goes then it shows he's not the man he says he is.
  41. 5 likes
    Pulling one's finger out can sometimes have unforeseen consequences
  42. 5 likes
    I don't post much and never met Spike in person - but have to say with contact on here he was always so helpful and courteous when I need assistance. My sincere condolences to family and friends, and RIP Spike.
  43. 5 likes
    As with all who have posted above, this has hit me harder than any so-called 'stranger's' death has ever done before. I guess it speaks volumes for the way in which contributors to 262 become friends without necessarily ever actually meeting. My prayers are with Spike's family. He will be at peace now , and we will certainly miss him.
  44. 5 likes
    I too am very much saddened by this news. I don't post much on here or mingle like many but even so, being a frequent visitor and reader on 262, it was obvious how much Spike loved being involved, as a mod and in general, being one of us. A real honest, genuine gent. Condolences to his family and dearest friends. Rest in peace, Spike.
  45. 5 likes
    Great to see one of our young stars score his first league goal for the Hatters; not a bad day out in Accrington but in truth the score of 4-1 was a touch flattering. As usual some match notes on: http://whittlerhatter.weebly.com
  46. 5 likes
    Congratulations Justin on your debut league goal.
  47. 5 likes
    i dont know what to say, im in shock Rip my friend
  48. 5 likes
    As it stands at present I'm sure you all know if we finish in our current 4th place - or 5th, we play away first............the Play Off Semi 1st leg is on Sunday May 14th 18.30 kick off, with the Kenny Return 2nd leg on Thursday May 18th 19.45 kick off. I'd rather go to the likes of Grimsby/Acc Stanley/Colchester/Cambridge/Wycombe/Mansfield/Stevenage/Blackpool/Exeter (it can still be ANY of these 9 clubs) on a Sunday - rather than Thurs night!
  49. 5 likes
    Personally I should like us to win our last 2 games. I'm sure it will help the players' confidence to enter the play offs as the in form team.
  50. 5 likes
    It dsoe'nt mettar how you sepll it as lnog as you can uednrsnatd waht is bineg siad.

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