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  1. Yesterday
  2. Guilty as charged
  3. Just when you were opening your mind, hey ho blinkered conservatism rules...
  4. All I can see is 'You've chosen to ignore content by...'
  5. Has Mel been in your ear?
  6. Good points
  7. Moving from b'cks and speculation back to statistics - only Pompey conceded less goals than us last season. So even with all the goalie probs, we were hardly a soft touch at the back. And a player standing only 5' 9" almost singlehandedly ended our playoff bid - so big and bad at the back doesn't solve everything?
  8. Yes, very good word substitution.
  9. Yeah, I was slightly un-nerved when I first saw him slot in at right back. I would say two million miles. Sheehan takes free kicks a hell of a lot better than "well"! I don't remember a better contact than his in all my days. Ok, i'll call you, exactly what routine do you refer to?
  10. just the three thus far but pages of speculation bollocks. Fixed it for you.
  11. That's about how I see it. Doesn't have the mobility and I can imagine he'd drift infield too.
  12. No need to apologise.
  13. As long as I've got a hole in my @r$e Cuthbert is a centre back. Have you ever seen him play? He may have filled in at right back in the past but looked as ill at ease as a banker on a building site! He is a million miles off being the attacking full back that NJ keeps going on about. As for Sheehan, he takes free kicks well. As for this routine you peddle.....SERIOUSLY?
  14. Oh dear, how embarrassing.
  15. Sorry Loot just the three thus far but pages of speculation.
  16. Nope. Made perfect sense and fully coherent. Try again.
  17. I think Mullins may be nearing the door, or at least closer than he was mid season. Never really saw him play much so not sure he'd be a great loss.
  18. Read back, I suspect you got muddled with your post at your count 177. Probably too late to edit coherently now I fear.
  19. Sorry mate. There is some in there somewhere.
  20. Yep! Imagine the hilarity.... I am very pleased with our current business. Bit disappointed not to see McGeehan back in a Luton shirt...but that apart...I'm happy.
  21. Transfer info, did i miss a press release??
  22. 'Blimey' I thought. 'Seven pages of discussion about new signings? That's going to be worth reading.' Now I've got to invent time travel so I can go and have the half an hour back that just got wasted by the witterings of Ron Ipstone's ghost.
  23. No idea. Why does it get dark? I said the opinions of Orient fans were posted on here by some of ours shortly after he signed for Luton. Am I moving too quickly? Perhaps I should post one word at a time - in consecutive posts obviously...
  24. May well see Cuthbert, Mullins and Famewo as a back three. Gives Justin/Stacey and Senior loads of opportunity to get forward. Cuthbert just lacks pace and hopefully somebody like Famewo can cover that.
  25. Thanks for transfer info - so we've potentially got weeks of this to come? great to see an experienced goalie and midfielder already signed - both could really help out what is still a very young but inexperienced squad. But feel we're short of an older, taller, bigger defender, whatever the arguments fit or against the 'physicality' of Lg 2.
  26. Ok. Incidentally I meant them as a back four, or with Cuthbert a three with wing backs.
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