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  2. 1. To sell- Potts, O'Donnell, Gray, Cook, Rea Note: Promotion is unlikely so Mcgeehan and Ruddock with probably go Note- don't re-sign Macey and Moore 2. Sign: Palmer 3. Sign: Experienced commanding goalkeeper who's "been there done that" for greater command of area. 4. Sign: Holding midfielder general who is strong, can win headers and tackles, but also dictate play from deep i.e Doyle 5. Sign: Another "Cuthbert" style Centre back to help deal with set pieces and crosses and long ball 6. Sign: Ball winning midfielder who will run all day long like Smudger, as smudger is only player in squad like that. 7. Sign: Pacey winger to allow greater flexibility with formation as diamond is too predictable. 8. Note: don't sign non energy players like Gray who have no clear role. To persist with diamond every midfield signing apart from defensive midfield must have pace and energy to press hard. Anyone got anything that should be added? I will try and update this to become the general "262ers" consensus on summer activity.
  3. Have to agree with that Mick, pity Luton aren't as consistent.
  4. Loyal, for sometime now I've had this feeling that it's our back room staff where all our troubles lie. NJ is a rookie, I like his (ignoring the boring chest beating that so many do these days but actually means sweet FA) passion and as I sit right behind him I watch him kick and head every single ball - no one else on that bench appears remotely bothered - I know PH is his mate but for his Nathans own development (IMO) he needs to give this journeyman his P45 and bring in someone that has shares his undoubted passion and enthusiasm.
  5. That explains SOD's crosses then.
  6. SW, I'm nearly certain Singapore would love me to attend in his place...if for some very obscure reason he can't make it.
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  8. David Preece RIP a real Midfielder what Luton could do with a player like him now... Russell Perrett.
  9. Better sign at least one tall centre back then. We were better off with Wilkinson or for that matter Kovacs.
  10. B... it's Annual Council that night otherwise I was inclined to persuade Mr Rutland to accompany me --and be my chauffeur!
  11. Or it shows that Cook really is invisible!
  12. How long is Hyltons contract for, would not want to lose him in the Summer? He must be creating interest in the higher divisions.
  13. What about 3 across the back and wing backs...4 in midfield or maybe 3 with 2 or 1 up top....its gotta change cos our boys look like they work at McDonalds not the savoy!!!..where's the passion?...where's the leaders?
  14. But aren't we all clamouring to see NJ stick with Pelly at the Base of the diamond? Or do we play Pelly deep in a 4-1-4-1 but only have one striker? Or do Pelly and Cook (no one else will get the chance, let's be honest) cope with possibly an extra centre mid opponent against them? Jones can go 442 for all I care, but give me 11 confident players over a magic formation any day. In fairness, there is the argument that 442 would stop a few crosses into our box. But I'm not sure those tactics would involve the flying winger style 442 that you're hoping for. We've got to start defending corners whatever the formation.
  15. I will say what everybody is hedging around Nathan and his management team have had a mare since the great win at Yeovil unnecessary changes for the following game and a confusion of tactics the players dont seem to know whether we are playing the passing game or long ball they look confused and dispirited. I dont think he has covered himself in glory since the transfer window opened a couple of the incoming are ok but do any of them really improve us which must dishearten certain players that were already here. Leaving out players completely for a few games then bringing them in expecting them to perform its no surprise when they look rusty. Its one thing playing in training games than battling league 2. Having said all this I think sticking with Nathan is the answer but perhaps a change in the coaching team might be needed in the summer.
  16. One other thing about the second half that confirms to me where we are going wrong: we looked so much more dangerous when Cuthbert went up front. His physical presence meant we had TWO targets and we started to find them quite regularly and it resulted in US, yes Luton Town, picking up seconds as the Colchester defence wasn't given such an easy time to clear their lines. I am not advocating for one moment that Cuthbert should be converted to a centre forward for the rest of the season! I am merely indicating the fact that the extra height and ability to compete with man-mountain CBs was noticeable. Carlisle have hardly scored since they sold their big CF to Bradford and we looked impotent without Hylton ... losing such a physical presence up front hurts when the players in question are as important as those two are to their respective clubs. This is League 2 FFS and we know that most teams here have to play a simple game with big fellas at both ends and fighters in midfield. Thinking back, those teams promoted to L1 since we rejoined the FL have all had physicality (especially in defence), good mobility but, most importantly, strong midfields that were also pacy. Admittedly, the one possible exception to this is Doncaster who are possibly a wee bit shorter than us but better organised in the middle of the park.
  17. Bill, your question is Have we Improved? Iam afraid the answer is a big fat NO Mr Jones is coming to the end of his first full season as our Manager and I can honestly say that we are worse than when he took over. I know that I don't get to see as many games as the majority of you due to my location in the country but from what i've seen both at home and away we are no better than we were eighteen months ago, in fact I BELEIVE we were a better footballing side than we are at present. Maybe the loss of Green and McGeehan from midfield has had a debtromental effect on our ability to compete in the middle of the park but surely our club is capable of recruiting suitable replacements as and when required. However, from what i have seen and heard from fellow supporters is a belief that our players are either not good enough or that they do not believe in what they are being asked to undertake in either the method or system they are being asked to play by management, either way this does not bode well for the remaining games.
  18. One thing is certain on here, various Social Media Facebook sites AND those fans in the ground. After our shocking recent run of form of ONE win (brilliant though it was) in nine league and cup games - the honeymoon period for Nathan is now most certainly over. I have often stated I LOVE his passion, but the constant picking of his favourites NO MATTER WHAT, the refusal to change his tactics/formations, the frankly boring football played at home games - is starting to worry me. I genuinely fear that if we do not make the Play Offs after being in those positions for the vast majority of the season - more than a few fans will think twice about continually attending games next season. NOT myself I hasten to add and it must be stated!
  19. One thing I also noticed Proud was when NJ's god, Crooks, felt his hamstring go. Myself and the fans sitting next to me kept pointing out that our bench did not see him blatantly obviously struggling with it. Yet we DID. The fact that it took all of at least 5 mins before they DID notice and substitute Cook (even NOTIFYING Lee to get changed from his tracksuit took an age) spoke volumes of Nathan's background 'team'
  20. 1,775 Hatters (inc 7 limo's full, paying £35 pp with approx 100 lads from the Wheelies/Brickies) did not deserve that 1st half 'showing' - the worst I've seen this season by a mile! ( I missed Crawley away, which I understand was as bad the whole game) - we did improve 2nd half. I'll never slate my team when they at lease have a go like we DID in the second 45. Next Saturday all of a sudden is critical to save our season IMO. We play a team who we convincingly beat on their manor not so long ago. A much needed Hatters win AND decent performance against the Seasiders, could still make this a good campaign and save our season if we challenge and make the Play Off's - I can think of worse ways to go up! HOWEVER! defeat or draw to Cullen and co and IMO we might not even make those Play Off's.
  21. Those who have the read my boo.................will know my late Nan used to have various LTFC players lodge at our house in the 1970/80's. We had ex full back/centre half Graham Jones, who played 43 LTFC games (no goals, the nearest was hitting a post in our 1978 7-1 win v Cardiff) between 1976 and 1980. We also had the late Milijia (Elastic) Aleksic RIP when he first joined us in 1976-77. IMO the 2nd finest keeper of my era (Jake Findlay my personal fave) and in that same season we had David Geddis briefly, when he was on loan from Ipswich. Our final 'guest' from 1979-82, was Steve White. Unfairly singled out by the boo boys, but he certainly played his part in the 1981-82 Div 2 Championship winning side, scoring 19 goals in 46 apps that victorious campaign . His total contribution in the 3 years with us was 26 goals in 83 LTFC apps (inc many as sub). It was through these lodgers I used to get to meet and befriend many Town stars from that era. Ricky Hill became a personal chum and attended both my 21st (along with the whole team in 1979) and after I went over to Copenhagen for his England debut v Denmark in 1982, he reciprecated by attending my wedding reception in 1986. My favourite Ricky story was in 1980-81 v Orient. During a lapse in play the ball came over to my front row Bobbers Stand seat and as I threw the ball to him, before he took the throw in upon receiving it - gave me the thumb up and said 'Cheers Al to the delight of the crowd near me. I was chuffed when seeing him at last weeks Exeter game pre match and he said when he recognised me ......'Al, great to see you, you haven't changed a bit' .................very kind words by God - even though he should have had his guide dog with him
  22. As ever Wimbo, a cracking review.
  23. Roger Dilkes did referee us against Aston Villa their place in 1983-84 Rod. A 0-0 draw and yes, the 1994 FA Semi v Chelsea at Wembley too.
  24. Where do I start?
  25. Disappointed; been looking forward to a nice Czech beer, but I poured it and it was quite plain.
  26. Wimbo compares the first half to Bristol Rovers last season - I would compare it more to our visits to Braintree when we were in the Conference ... maybe it's something in the Essex air that we are allergic to! The first half has to be one of the most unacceptable, spineless, inept, gutless displays by a Luton Town fist team that I've had the misfortune to witness. I've all too often felt this season that we haven't been too far away from that type of performance and have been secretly dreading us getting a real tonking in a televised PO game - fortunately or unfortunately that fear is receding faster and further by the game as we begin to look no better than mid-table (again!) Personally, I apportion the blame for the poor results between the manager and the players. NJ cops his share for persisting with a diamond formation that he has almost single-handedly proven beyond all reasonable doubt that it doesn't sodding well work at this level and, even if it did, that it doesn't work with our particular squad no matter which combination is tried. That noted, I also believe the players must share the blame for their (collective) lack of effort when the manager, owners and fans expected them to look at the league table and push themselves that much further in the run-in. Instead they have shrunk back into a shell and, with the possible exceptions of Hylton, Vassell, Pelly and Gambin, the ball and any responsibilities are passed on as soon as is physically possible so that it becomes someone else's problem. Annoyingly, some of our players identified potential/imminent dangers vs Colchester and even pointed at them ... but then expected a team-mate to sort them out rather than doing anything about them themselves! One gripe I do have with Macey and his GK coaches - Luke Wilkinson scored from the first cross into our box vs Stevenage; Porter scored from the first cross into our box by Colchester. Both crosses were accurately delivered and both came from the flank where the blinding sun was in the Macey's eyes ... but can someone answer why the hell Macey wasn't given a cap* immediately after Wilko's goal? Two or three minutes later he faced another Stevenage corner from our right and had to shield the sun with his right hand. Roll forward two weeks and four games and the act was repeated for the entire first half. Utterly ridiculous and utterly avoidable. The fact that Luton fans got a small ballboy to take a one of their own caps to the goal showed that many people watching were a lot more switched on to Macey's problem than were playing and/or coaching ... not that the loaned cap was ever used! * a sun-visor type, not an international cap in case you could see justification for the latter.
  27. Who knows if Zane could cut the mustard if he was to get a run in the team. Strange that he never got one with JS either. However Nathan has persevered with Cook, Gray and Lee even after recognising, at times, their abysmal performances and JJ and Senior have become (at times) first choice but Zane has been ignored. Sometimes the answer to problems is staring you in the face.
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