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  2. i much preferred Hitchin away in pre-season. More accessible and good pubs in the vicinity!
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  4. Thoroughly enjoyed yesterday - isn't it lovely to see a decent game at the Kenny for a pleasant change. I've only missed one home game this season and that was another entertaining Hatters performance v Wycombe (4-1). Bring on the Acc Stanley - 51 of us (+ 2 Scots Rangers mates & their wives) on Adair Travel, Bank Holiday Blackpool All Inclusive carnage weekender. Just a shame my other love were SO poor today in Glasgow, preventing a personal Carlsberg weekend
  5. My record LTFC score Bedford 0 Luton 9, (NINE) also the quickest Hatters goal I've ever seen. Jack Marriott on just 25 SECONDS! I was living in Oz 1974 v Bradford City FA Cup, when a Bantams player by the name of Fretwell scored an o.g after 20 seconds. The quickest ever LTFC goal I believe.
  6. Congratulations to you both
  7. Hi Everyone, Thank you all for your good wishes. We had a lovely day and back home now for a few hours rest before going on our honeymoon to Venice early tomorrow. See you in the Alcove for the Morecambe game. Love to you all. Best wishes, Glen & Ray.
  8. Hi Rusty, I did ask NJ if he could bring the kick-off forward to 9am so that I could do both but no success. NJ said that normally he would but he knew that you would not be out of bed early enough and did not want the Kenny to be missing your scarf.
  9. Hi Steve, My baking was so good that all the cake went in seconds I am sorry to say.
  10. Hi BB, Well spotted. Glen and I saw the connection at the start of the season and have adopted the lad ever since.
  11. Thank you Steve. The last few days have been manic so have only just seen your post. A lovely gesture. See you for the Morecambe game,
  12. Personally I should like us to win our last 2 games. I'm sure it will help the players' confidence to enter the play offs as the in form team.
  13. Sadly, much to my family's annoyance I usually am when I decide to pontificate on something!
  14. 4th or 5th would be ideal purely so we don't have to travel to some far flung outpost in midweek for the second leg. IF we do slip up and only scrape in at 6th or 7th then Exeter, Carlisle, Accrington, Blackpool, Colchester or Mansfield are not places I would relish visiting on a Thursday evening. As albhatter says, we are capable of beating anyone so it shouldn't matter who our opponents are - however, we are also capable of being beaten by anyone and the league table for this particular division invariably shows just how close everybody is to each other. If we manage to get a result at Accrington and one of those places is then secured then I would expect NJ to rest a few of the usual starters in order to give the fringe players a run out in case they're needed in the POs. One who I would like to see given a run out is Craig King in case he is called upon in the POs but, by the same context, Moore isn't that experienced so switching them around may be slightly counter-productive. After all, Andy Dibble didn't get a run out before the 1988 final and he did moderately okay on the day. BTW, does anyone know for certain whether Craig Mackail-Smith can or cannot be selected for the POs? I see that he's managed to score one or two goals at Posh and that their season finishes next Sunday, a week ahead of our own finale. If he IS allowed to play, he could even feature vs Morecambe. As he's in the shop window with his contract ending this summer, he may relish a run out in a televised PO game if we to suffer any serious injuries and/or suspensions to key players (HYLTON!)
  15. EFL fixtures released
  16. From the OS: We can announce that the Hatters’ pre-season campaign in preparation for the 2017-18 season will kick-off at Non-League neighbours Bedford Town on Saturday 1st July. Good afternoon out last season in the sunshine. Nice bar, food and hospitality. I was sitting just in front of GS, the Bedford Chairman approached Gary at halftime, apologised for not entertaining him owing to having to go and get more beer as the Luton fans had drunk the place dry.
  17. Luton 75 Blackpool 71 Exeter 70 Mansfield 69 (GD)
  18. My personal opinion is that we should strive to finish the last two games with at least four points so as to go into the play offs as a form side. I cannot see anyone taking 4th spot from us although with current GD`s Blackpool are best positioned.
  19. So, we are virtually in the play offs! Is it best if we try to retain the 4th position in the league table? Or is it immaterial if we finish 5th, 6th or 7th? What are your thoughts? I am concerned, as NJ may want to rotate/rest players for the last 2 matches. My thoughts are, that it does not matter where we end-4th or 7th as we have the team that is capable of beating any of the other 3 teams! Very exciting times as Fox Tv in Malaysia may be screening the finals of the playoffs live!! COYH
  20. Luton 75 points Blackpool 71 points Exeter 71 points Wycombe 71 points
  21. Agree with all the above. Highlights for me :- - this was a team performance start to finish and we mixed it with a large physical side and out 'footballed' them - pleased for Potts who I have always rated - I think he shows patience and judgment - didn't panic after gifting them a goal - Pelly superb again, particularly after missing a chance - game was entertaining start to finish, great saves from Moore - best of all, can go into playoffs with a real chance of winning because WE ARE LUTON TOWN! ps the whole Hylton card thing mystifies me but he is so good. Just worry that his card form is on a par with every other aspect of his game - nightmare scenario being a send off in a play off semi or final, so please sort it Danny but of course, he won't!
  22. Agree with you re Potts got forward much more yesterday, and would hope he settles in and remains injury free.Another contract?
  23. By the way Gale you were right the Morecombe match kicks off at 17.30, not 17.00 or 17.15!
  24. The BBC match stats can't be right. It was an entertaining match with some excellent saves from Moore and very good chances for our players which, with a bit of luck, would have gone in. Both Lee and Potts had good games --never thought I'd say that -- and whilst we've still a bit of a way to go to be a consistently good and strong side the fight we showed after going behind was pleasing.
  25. I thought Potts had one of his better games yesterday. Justin has more natural ability but yesterday took a while to get his confidence.
  26. I noticed that both Potts and Justin are not really win backs as yet, neither have the confidence to take defenders on and drive for the byline. I am sure both are capable and it is something that coaching can fix, as they both have the speed. My impression was Potts was more comfortable playing further up the field than Justin was yesterday and I think Potts has a good chance of playing for us next season.
  27. The best home performance I have seen this this season and thinking about it, last season too. I took some encouragement from a few of my previously doubtful players. Moore played well and looked comfortable between the sticks. Potts got forward at every opportunity and actually looked dangerous at times. Lee put a shift in again, Pelly looked a different player from the last 6 games I've seen him play, more control fewer mistakes, Looks like somebody has told him take his time on the ball. D'Ath always puts in a shift with not always an end result, yesterday I thought the difference was right there, we had a midfield, who could have guest that that was our problem all along. A word about Hyltons cards. I have just watch the highlights on TV and if the cards were orchestrated our player should be nominated for Oscars, Pelly and others were going nuts at him when he went off. Quietly confident about our play off chances especially if the chav's don't make it.
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